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AMD finally showed the world its latest 6000 series GPU in a recent live broadcast and brought some new terms to PC enthusiasts. Both "Rage Mode" and "Smart Access Memory" were introduced, leaving more than one audience confused and wondering what all this means. Don’t worry, we break it down here to make sure you know everything about AMD’s upcoming RDNA 2 GPU.

To put it simply, the fun "Frenzy Mode" is a one-click overclocking capability that takes advantage of the extra capacity of the "Big Navi" card and its smaller 6000 series brothers. What's more interesting about

is that "Memory Smart Access" AMD has decided to take business initiatives that may be very "smart" for them (sorry). Taking advantage of the fact that they are one of the two giants in the CPU and GPU market, they try to maximize the efficiency of a system that combines two newly released AMD components in the same device. Using AMD's new Infinity Cache for the RX 6000 series, the software allows the CPU to directly access the entire memory buffer of the graphics card instead of the 256MB segment that has been the norm until now. Simply put, smart memory access means more efficient use of combined CPU and GPU memory, reducing buffering and latency; this is good news for gamers.

The question as to whether this feature is based on the 500 series motherboard as part of the system still exists as it appears to run via PCIe. Also, we do not know the importance of Smart Access Memory or Rage Mode in terms of additional performance, because they are both activated at the same time.

can even prove that the percentage increase of both may not be a game changer, especially if they are based on the additional performance gained by preloading to take advantage of the additional memory allocation, as this may not be universally applicable. However, if you can believe the bar ratio below, then the eyeball test shows that the performance of the RX 6800 XT (red) is roughly equivalent to Nvidia’s RTX 3080 in AMD’s tested games, and outperforms Horizon 4 in Forza. And the poor performance in "Resident Evil 3".

What we know is that if your PC has the latest AMD CPU and GPU, as well as active Rage mode and smart access to memory, AMD says you will see performance improvements. Performance increased from 2 to 13% when comparing AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT with Nvidia RTX 3080, an average 6.4% improvement over the eight games tested by AMD. As always, the real test will be an independent benchmark. Watch this space to learn about the latest news when these numbers appear.

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