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Werewolf the apocalypse earthblood

The favorite of the JRPG type, until now the Japanese monopoly, Seiken Densetsu 3, headed west for the first time, or should we say it finally got the true English localization for the Switch. Nintendo announced exciting news at the E3 Direct presentation at E3 in 2019.

Seiken Densetsu 3, also known as Trials of Mana, is bundled with two other games, called Collection of Mana. The other two games are other typical retro-action JRPG mainstays, Final Fantasy Adventure (or Seiken Densetsu if we're using the original Japanese version of the Game Boy) and Mana's Secret originally released on SNES. The same retro series was launched in Japan in 2017.

The best part of all this, apart from finally bringing "Legend of the Holy Sword 3" to English audiences for the first time, is that "Mana Collection" is now available. You can buy it at the Nintendo Store. However,

Nintendo did not stop there, revealing that Square Enix is developing a remake of all modern 3D glory mana trials for Switch. It is planned to be released in early 2020, with a style similar to the new version. 4 versions from last year. The secret from mana.

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