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We are used to Black Friday and the images of people discussing in-store items in the news. WePC looks at the situation in 2020 and beyond. With the advent of Covid19, the way we have to shop has changed as we approach the time of year when traditional retail stores have the most traffic. Since the company has launched an extended sales period, are we ready for a few weeks of bargain hunting? Otherwise, we will feel tired of shopping, even if we never have to leave the house.

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Black Friday is important, right? We all agree?

The annual pre-holiday price wave has evolved from an opportunity to buy cheaper TVs in the first day into a near-out-of-control retail spectacle that seems to be delayed every year.

It makes sense to have a sales window before the biggest gift season of the year. I was very upset when I saw that the gifts I bought for friends and family fell to one-third of their price after I gave them to them in about a day. As a species, we seem to be caught in some kind of retail trap, but hey, we have to get a 33% discount.

Then it was Black Friday, and the balance of the universe was restored. The items that I have been paying attention to all year suddenly dropped in price, just in time for me to pick them up in time and pass them on to my loved ones, and while still trying to keep some cash, I got the seemingly generous benefits. In his wallet. Astonishing.

Black Friday 2019 witnessed retailers far beyond Amazon reaching out and extending the sales period by a week or more, making it almost impossible to keep up with new transactions every day.

I know why they do this: online stores should get people back to their website, but again, I always think, "Well, what if I buy that and see what I want to discount tomorrow?". The store will think that you only buy two, but of course, this is not that simple for everyone, especially in this day and age.

With this in mind, I think this online sales strategy may be more perfect when Black Friday arrives in 2020. So, well, Covid.

Although smart people have been waiting for a certain epidemic for decades, it has never entered the collective consciousness of the rest of us, that is, how we will influence each other in our daily lives, because we must learn to live without breathing other people. People may be infected by the air.

So all of us (if we have any common sense) wear masks and perform daily activities in the best way while staying safe. However, some things have changed irreversibly. The store is one of them, and we are about to see how many there are on Christmas Eve.

Crazy shoppers are scrambling to buy last-minute gifts, not this year, my friends. Squeeze and elbow in the sales channel? No, I'm afraid not.

How do we know about Black Friday/Do we know? Maybe never again. If you are trying to buy a new TV, you will have to buy it online this year, and retailers are also operating.

We have seen people like Walmart announce three separate Black Friday events as they compete for pole position and become the first to withdraw funds from their bank accounts. Wal-Mart US Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Scott McCall said in a recent interview with USA Today that more online transactions make “shopping more secure and convenient” and help manage in-store customer flow.

"Heavy transactions will be conducted online, but there will also be preferential prices in our store," McCall said.

Of course, retailers like Wal-Mart still need to encourage people to enter stores, but there is no doubt that this Black Friday war will be fought online.

Besides the fact that stores should at least appear to be keeping people safe, there is, of course, a simple problem. Many people do not want to take unnecessary risks. They just load Google Chrome or Microsoft. Edge to get them. All the bargains, without increasing the risk of meeting the micro-overlords of our electronics department.

Lowe`s adopted a similar strategy. The "savings season" began yesterday. Executive Vice President Marisa Thalberg said: "By entering a physical store, we will not create a situation. It causes the temporary sensitivity of the crowd situation. This is irresponsible in our current environment."

In this way, drivers of delivery and postal workers will start a fairly busy hard work, not store assistants. How infrastructure responds to this increased demand is another variable at this stage. A survey of 2,000 Americans by

Affirm emphasized that seven out of ten people are now more likely to buy specials, rather than waiting for the real Black Friday. Almost half of the people also said that they will do Christmas shopping online this year.

We are still waiting to see what the powerful Amazon is planning, but if our sources are credible, they have been preparing for this event for months, hoarding other products when we hoarded toilet paper in April.

Online shopping will eventually become the main force in the retail industry

The same intuitive pleasure as bargaining. Time will tell us.

Once all the chaos in 2020 (and possibly 2021) begins to fade out of history, it will be difficult to see where we will buy again in the same way. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below,

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