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Wd gaming ssd deal

When building a PC, whether for gaming or for any other reason, sometimes you have to start thinking about solid state drives (SSD). SSD will bring a huge speed boost to your computer, which of course is a very needed component for computers used for games or other strenuous activities.

SSDs can indeed enhance your overall gaming experience, so they are undoubtedly an important component. Have you experienced that terrible game delay? Well, we have all experienced it! This is the worst, especially in those super intense FPS games where every millisecond is important! When you consider that gamers often do other things in the background,

PC games are arguably more prone to delays than console games. Does anyone else feel guilty about trying to run a music streaming service or receive emails while gaming? Chapter

We Must Have Been! Having a high-quality SSD means that your gaming PC / laptop will be able to easily cope with these various applications without worrying about your laptop freezing, lag, overheating, or fan hum making it sound like much. is about to take off.

Deciding to use an SSD is easy; in fact, all it involves is doing a bit of research on why an SSD is worth buying. Spoiler alert: We think every PC gamer needs one! Finding the correct SSD may prove to be a bit difficult.

When it comes to SSDs, there are too many vendors to choose from so each vendor may have more than one option. This can make the task of choosing one look impossible. To help you, we decided to put the company's two best-performing SSDs in one article.

Western Digital (WD) is a company that offers different SSD options and many other PC components. The two SSDs we will compare are WD Red and WD Blue. These two products look very similar on the surface, even in terms of specifications. However, when you look at the functionality and performance of each feature, you will start to see real differences.

read / write

560MBs / 530MBS




M.2 Pcie NVMe

read / write





44 WD

44 WD

44 WD WD Blue are two different products, their specifications are very similar. There is a very subtle difference, but the rest is the same.

However, we have put each SSD in its own section so you can see the specs for each SSD separately. Also note that the specs will vary depending on the size of the SSD you choose.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the 1TB SSD for WD Red and WD Blue. This size is perfect for most computing needs and your gaming computer will work perfectly with it.

capacity - 1TB

form factor - 2.5 inch / 7mm case, M.2 2280

interface - SATA 6Gb / s

sequential read - 560MB / s

sequential write - 530MB / s

4k 4 IO 4PS Random Read Random Write - 85k IOPS

Capacity -

1 TB

Form Factor - 2.5 ″ / 7mm Enclosure, M.2 2280

Interface - SATA III 6 Gb / s

Sequential Read - 560 MB / s

- 5MB / s sequential write

Random Read - 95k IOPS

Random Write - 84k IOPS

Although there are still some similarities, their characteristics are slightly different. Based on your reasons for use (if you are reading this article we think this may be a game) You may find that one is more suitable than the other

WD Blue is designed to handle multiple applications more easily than WD Red, and is the most suitable application commonly recommended for games.

Please keep reading the small snapshots of each feature to see which one you think is most compatible with your gaming PC.

In terms of performance, we think that WD Blue is slightly better than WD Red in terms of games. However, they all do very well in lens design.

After all, Western Digital (WD) is one of the leading companies in this field. To test this, let's take a closer look at each of them.

We will discuss each of them separately so that you can see the similarities and differences between them with your own eyes.

We will let WD Red and WD Blue square off to see who gets the most points for you ...

WD Red is a super fast and efficient SSD that can be used for your NAS (this is short for storage attached to the network)) Supercharge, which you've never seen before.

Usually not the first choice for gaming PCs, but with that said, it is indeed a powerful little thing. Usually it is for home based cloud services and the like.

However, it is also a good option for anyone who uses a PC or laptop to edit videos (especially 4K or 8K, photo rendering) or connect to a multi-user environment.

You can also use WD Red in your Raid rendering setup because they provide inexpensive reliability. Affordability is also a key issue to pay attention to here, because overall, the WD Reds are much cheaper than similar Blue products.

Games, but WD Blue is one of the other better choices. From start to finish, all the performance enhancements of WD Blue will be ideal for your gaming PC.

It is manufactured with very high quality to ensure that all sequential reads and writes are performed at an impressive speed. It has a high ability to handle whatever you run there, which is especially important if you are playing professional games or hardcore, intense FPS games.

These are usually recommended for daily calculations and wider use, but we firmly believe that they are the perfect choice for any gamer.

When it comes to the price of WD Red and WD Blue, we check many different online stores to understand what is the best availability and cost. For us, it should be

You can find WD Red here, where there always seems to be constant availability. Amazon's delivery speed is always very fast, you can choose to buy today and receive it tomorrow (of course depending on the state). The

WD Blue can also be found here, also from Amazon. The usability has also been very good, and it has been available during the course of our research on these two products. For the features and functions of WD Blue, we think its price is excellent value for money.

read / write

560MBs / 530MBS




M.2 Pcie NVMe

read / write



44 Mbs 44 4 4 4 digital interface 4 4 4 M 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 The digital interface is a brand that really understands them. WD Red and WD Blue are obviously very high quality SSD products and they work well in their design. Although it is difficult to say which one is better than the other itself, they are simpler from a gaming point of view and can immediately choose the SSD that is most compatible with gaming laptops. For us, if the two go toe-to-toe, WD Blue will always be on top.

Although WD Red is really an impressive little thing, especially for running those powerful applications like video editing software, photo rendering, etc., WD Blue only has the upper hand because it deals with multiple demanding applications. games. The basic specifications of the

are of course very similar, but after further research and in-depth analysis, you will easily understand why WD Blue may be more suitable for your gaming needs.

In terms of affordability, WD Red 1TB is obviously cheaper than WD Blue 1TB. Remember what we said earlier though, don't we think this is the gaming PC arena you should buy cheaply? We are serious.

Buy what suits you best, regardless of whether it is expensive upfront or not, it can be cheaper in the long run. If the SSD you choose doesn't qualify at all, you may end up spending more money again to replace something more suitable.

When choosing between WD Red and WD Blue, keep this in mind. Red may look better because it's cheaper, but remember again the features and performance comparison, we think you'll soon realize that WD Blue is indeed your best option.

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