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Wd blue hard drive deal

Today we take a look at Western Digital's mainstream solid-state NVMe SSD - WD Blue SN550. It is the best performing and can be started at an affordable price. Although the target of the WD Black SN750 is the high-end price range, the WD Blue SN550 caters to the crowd on a budget, with a standard appearance but pleasant performance.

This is another good option from Western Digital, especially for those looking for inexpensive updates to improve overall application load time and game performance. The older SN500 doesn't have a model of this capacity, so it's good to see WD include it in this version, and at 2.4GB / s speed, the Blue SN550 offers great value.

Let's take a closer look and see what kind of update we are dealing with.






M.2 Pcie NVMe



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is not as fast as WD Black SN750

WD Blue SN550 drive is NVMe (fast non-volatile memory) SSD. As long as it can accommodate the 2280 form factor, this type of SSD will appear in the M.2 slot of your motherboard. WD Blue SN550 uses four PCIe lanes instead of SATA connections, increasing its width eight times. Bandwidth usage. The

-type NVMe SSD can read and write at speeds exceeding 3GB/s, limiting the speed of SATA connected devices to around 550MB/s. A fast M.2 drive like this is great for games, and the loading time is extremely fast, allowing you more time to play the game instead of staring at the loading screen. NVMe SSDs can also handle big data transfers, such as video content, more efficiently, thereby speeding up the process. This special model

uses the WD architecture with sequential read and write speeds of 2,400MB/s and 1,750MB/s.

This SSD uses a frill-free design, not as sophisticated as the black version, but it is still very beautiful in the combination of bright royal blue and medium black.

To test the performance, we put WD Blue SN550 in several different scenarios and compared it with the faster WD Black SN750 and Samsung 860 QVO SSD. We set out to test more than just games, see how long it takes to install and open different applications, and measure our results in a few seconds.

To understand the features of SN550 in depth, we measured the time required to install non-gaming applications on the disk. When these tests are running, the time is from clicking "Install" (when actually started) to when the window is changed, and the "Finish" button is displayed.

When conducting these tests, we wanted to pay attention to the difference between larger drives and smaller drives, pointing out that we already know that larger capacity SSDs are generally faster.

To test the loading time of the application, we used LibreOffice Calc, Libre Writer and Gimp. The test data includes a 3MB spreadsheet, a 10MB word document and a 20MB image. These files are slightly larger than the files you usually upload, but the results still show small differences.

It is worth noting that these files are usually larger than the files most people use in daily tasks, but either way, there is almost no difference, only a one-second deviation.

We tested 100MB of large Word documents, 900MB of spreadsheets, and 900MB of images, but once the application is loaded, all CPU and RAM will be consumed.

CDM (CrystalDiskMark) is a simple and easy-to-use benchmark tool. CDM is an open source tool for Windows, which provides us with a graphical benchmark of SSD performance. The result closest to the left of

shows that Sn550 has played its full potential and absolutely shattered the smallest WD green disk.

The WD Black SN750 we tested achieves a read speed of 3,496MB / s and a write speed of 3,021MB / s, proving that if you're willing to pay, the performance boost may be worth it.

SSD manufacturers will use ATTO to assign sequential performance specifications to their products. We will use ATTO to determine how the unit handles different file sizes.

As we expected, the WD Blue SN550 is much faster than the standard SSD, but compared to the WD Green SSD, it also powers up very fast. The file size between 128 KB and 64 MB is close to 2 GB / s, which is not as significant as the black seen in smaller files. That being said, the WD Black SN750 is about 1GB / s faster when processing files between 1 and 64MB.

Anvil is another tool we use in benchmarks. This tool allows us to test the speed of the drive to make sure it is configured correctly and working as expected.

We have loaded several AAA games in the area where WePC benchmarks to get some real world results. We accurately compared the results with SN550 NVMe SSD and Samsung QVO 860 to really show the speed you can expect at home.

In TW: Warhammer II, we started an event called "The Eye of the Vortex" and skipped the intro movie, just timing the event load. As you can see, the WD SN550 1TB is 30% faster than the SATA-connected drive, but if you take into account any margin of error in the equation, it is almost the same as the SN750. Since this real-time strategy game doesn't reload activities over and over again, the roughly 11 seconds you save on a standard SSD may be one-of-a-kind.

We loaded the game saved in "Saint Denis" in RDR2 because this is where we compared the video. again

Move to the NVMe drive. Saved uploads include: Assassin’s Creed’s Argolis, SOTR’s "Snake City" save game, and The Witcher 3’s Novigrad city save game.

WD Blue SN550 is very suitable for those who want to increase their rest time. let's start. A budget. The Blue model is very cost-effective. Although synthetic materials may lag behind the Black model, the in-game and in-app performance is equally good. The price of

Crucial's P1 drive is still competitive, but it lacks the stylish design of WD Blue, but both are very suitable for those with light workload and startup time. The drive has stable performance and low cost, and it can work normally even in the case of a large number of writes.

Blue Sn550 has a five-year warranty and excellent performance and price, and is a great alternative worthy of your consideration.

Read / Write





M.2 Pcie NVMe

Buy from Amazon

This drive has stable performance and low cost, and can work normally even in the case of large amount of writes. Blue Sn550 has a five-year warranty and excellent performance and price, and is a great alternative worth your consideration.

WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD

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