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Remember the crazy PlayStation 2 game in 2004 that became an instant classic Katamari Damacy? Its creator, Keita Takahashi (Keita Takahashi) is working hard to develop a new game that was launched during Sony’s broadcast state last night. It's called Wattam, and it's as weird as Katamari in many ways. Part

is an exploration of solitude and part an adventure of storytelling. Wattam tries to reconnect with a character community, which includes a toilet and a high-fashion green bucket. There are rainbow vomit, multi-colored stools, lots of laughter and lots of weird little games.

Storywise, we have the Elder protagonist. His mission is to gather all his friends and rekindle the sense of wonder in the world around him. He was very upset, the darkness of his inner world meant that he could only see the trees but not the forest. Fortunately, an accidental encounter started an adventure that he will not soon forget.

If you're lost, don't worry, so are we, but this is the charm of Takahashi Games. Katamari Damacy is still difficult to explain, and it is even more difficult to determine why rolling around the world, collecting larger objects to form a giant ball is so much fun in the wild. According to our understanding,

Wattam can be played alone or in cooperation, and is very focused on enjoying a good time with a lightness that is unmatched by modern games.

Wattam will land on PlayStation 4 in December this year, but the presentation failed to provide a clear release date.

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