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Watch dogs legion next gen launch title

Ubisoft used the Google Gamescom Stadia Connect presentation to provide a new trailer for the upcoming open-world cockney rebellion simulator Watch Dogs: Legion called Welcome To The Resistance.

Thanks to extended exposure at E3 in June, we've seen a large number of legions return, and Gamescom has further enriched Ubisoft's reinvention of the post-Brexit London turmoil, as the downtrodden surveillance country and a public struggle. increasingly rebellious.

On Order To further emphasize how to recruit any NPC in the game to execute the player's attempt to retake the city, several potential candidates were honed in the trailer.

We have Victor, a pint-sized bully who doubled his resistance to injury after downing a few drinks, or suing a high-flying city attorney, who increased his chances of getting the officer out of jail. However, the highlight is a happy old man named Allen.

Wearing a magnificent gold-plated Napoleon helmet, he roams Trafalgar Square with an assault rifle. Unsurprisingly, his reward was a significant increase in damage from wielding a rifle. There's a problem though, because poor Allen hasn't seen a doctor in a while and it's easy to randomly die. Also, when he died, it was permanent.

Every Londoner has a unique set of skills and background stories, making them ideal candidates for specific types of assignments or jobs. Each character’s unique motives allow players to gain their trust after completing different tasks to help them.

Watch Dogs: Legion is scheduled to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia and Xbox One on March 6, 2020.

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