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Wasteland 3 gameplay trailer

Wasteland 3 can be played on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux computers, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Regardless of the operating system you use, you can see the minimum and recommended system requirements for running games on your PC below. .

As mentioned above, the publisher has provided these system requirements. In general, we recommend assuming that the required power is slightly higher than suggested by these requirements, because game developers and publishers sometimes underestimate these powers to encourage more people to buy games. As far as Wasteland 3 is concerned, Deep Silver is a bit lacking in the details of its recommended requirements, especially for Mac and Linux users who play with lower settings, so if you plan to run it, we will proceed with caution between these systems. operational. One up.

Allinall, does not require a lot of computing power to run Wasteland 3 under the minimum requirements, but the game is not particularly well optimized, so even people running powerful machines may experience dropped frames when playing games.

If you don't know anything about your computer's specifications, check out our guide on how to find these specifications here. We are developing a tool that can calculate your PC's ability to run any game to simplify this process. Once this tool is ready, we will definitely link to it on this page.

If you are upgrading an existing system on the market, please see the recommended PC version at the bottom of this page for some suggestions on the machines we think you need to run the game on the lowest and highest settings.

Finally, if you haven't purchased a copy of Wasteland 3, check ENEBA for discounted prices on the different platforms.

Wasteland 3 is an isometric post-apocalyptic role-playing game with turn-based squad battles (think Fallout 1 and Crusades 2 and XCOM). The original wasteland game actually predates the original Fallout and has a major impact on it. Both Wasteland 2 and Current Wasteland 3 are mainly funded through crowdfunding. The background of the latest issue of

is Colorado, which is now a frozen wasteland. A squad of the Arizona Rangers (very familiar in previous games) was sent there, and eventually had to contact the local ruler of the area. Dealing with and facing countless dangers to the area.

To run Wasteland 3 at 1080p on low settings, we strongly recommend a $400 or $500 build. However, if you want to zoom out the boat a bit, our $ 1,000 recommended build will allow you to run the game on the highest settings with a higher resolution.

If the idea of building your own PC is offensive, then one of our pre-built versions for under $ 500 will run Wasteland 3 on low settings at 1080p. If you want higher resolution and settings, a $ 1,000 pre-built PC can get the job done.

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