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Developer inXile released a new trailer for the game Wasteland 3.

. The trailer first dives into the details of post-apocalyptic RPG turn-based tactical combat.

The trailer for the game "Wasteland 3" that appeared at Gamescom strikes a nice balance between the movie sequence and the game screen. These videos are based on radio broadcasts from the grim Patriarch of Colorado, a variety of warlords who lured desert rangers who vowed to save their homeland Arizona from destruction.

He needs the help of the rangers to get rid of those wrong descendants who rebelled and challenged his authority. In other words, a win-win arrangement allows players to wait for the patriarch's children.

With Colorado's snowy weather as a backdrop, Wasteland 3 is franchise-based, utilizing family base building, vehicle and group recruiting formulas, and a story driven by encounters with Colorado's best local folks. This time, inXile also added a new cooperative feature to the game.

Gangs and cults have settled in the mountainous terrain, and the seemingly endless winter bathes the land in a thick blanket of snow. It is up to the player to decide whether to help a troubled community or contact a remote military group to progress.

Most battles focus on clearing these enclaves by strategically placing units, determining actions, when and how to engage, and targeting specific parts of the enemy's body in first-person mode. This is a new feature in the series. Judging from the trailer, there is a clear similarity to the battle in XCOM, which is only as good as the kind of turn-based supplement.

However, the highlight is the beautiful world created by inXile for players. It is expected that each successive entry in the franchise will more or less have a visual upgrade, but the jump from Wasteland 2 seems particularly steep. Of course, this is based on a series of selected advancements, but this bodes well for the final product.

Everything is very atmospheric, covered with blizzards, lack of light, and a small number of explosions that can be clearly seen throughout the entire run of the trailer.

We still need to wait a long time to start playing this game, because "Wasteland 3" will only land on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the spring of 2020.

If you are lucky enough to be a supporter who pledged $75 or more to the Wasteland 3 Fig campaign, you will get the exclusive Alpha version starting today.

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