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If you want to indulge in action and have a deep understanding of the world of military tactics and vehicle combat, then you might consider playing War Thunder. However, before installing this game, it is always worth a quick check to see if your current PC can run the game. Although this is a free game, there is little risk if you decide to install it, but checking the system requirements and specifications of your PC can save you a lot of time and trouble.

We will show you the minimum and recommended system requirements for War Thunder, but first, you need to check your PC specifications. If you need help finding your specifications, we have a handy step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Once you have mastered the PC specifications, all you need to do is to check them according to the following system requirements. Looking to the future, our goal is to use the tools we have been developing to facilitate the entire process. This tool will automatically check your PC specifications and compare them with the system requirements of any game you want to play. We will notify you as we get closer to completing the development.

Now, if you decide it's time to upgrade your gaming PC, please continue to read the system requirements and some hardware recommendations.

War Thunder is a free MMO game that allows you to control planes, armored vehicles and ships in WWII, the Cold War, the Spanish Civil War, and the Iraq War. For history fans who like MMOs and action games, this is a perfect game.

You can join thousands of other players from around the world and take part in great battles by air, land or sea. There are over 1,000 vehicles and combat options to choose from, and the content is regularly updated to add new vehicles, maps, missions, and even countries.

War Thunder has intense PvP battles, historical battles, multiplayer games, and single player missions. You can control anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers, launch torpedoes at enemy submarines, or use air support to protect your teammates.

has a variety of different combat options to choose from, including arcade combat, realistic combat and simulator combat, providing you with a wealth of gameplay, depending on what you like to play. Another big advantage of

War Thunder is that it allows cross-platform games. You can switch seamlessly between Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Considering the intense, fast-paced tasks and battles, it is best to have a PC that can keep up with the rhythm and provide a stable frame rate. In a fierce battle, the last thing you want to experience is lag or stuttering.

With this in mind, we definitely recommend at least trying to meet the recommended requirements, if not better. Although this is not a particularly demanding game compared to other combat games, you still want to have a PC that can run everything smoothly.

Compliance with the recommended settings for this game should allow you to easily reproduce the highest system settings at a frame rate of approximately 60 FPS.

The system requirements listed above don't require you to pay big bucks for a new build gaming PC. However, if you want to upgrade your PC to play War Thunder or similar games, we recommend that you choose a mid-range PC in the $700 range.

This type of build should be sufficient to run War Thunder and the level of performance required for games like this one. It should be able to reach a stable 60 FPS and run at 1080p resolution without any problems.

To understand what the $700 PC build will include, here are some of our $700 build components.

This PC version gives you the flexibility to play most other PC games. This type of game is good enough. Of course, if you still want to play more demanding games, or want to invest in the future of your gaming PC, then you can check out our $ 800 PC build recommendations for inspiration.

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