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Vr leo arcade cabinet game ces 2020

Well, it's the summer of 2020, just like every year, the sun is shining and the outside is very hot, and it is in the vested interest of all of us to prevent the international spread of the deadly virus. Is there any important reason to debate which platform is more immersive: virtual reality or high-definition screens?

And now, we want to know. No matter where you are, staying at home and maintaining social distancing are more emphasized than ever, which means that even in midsummer, escaping to the wonderful world of video games has never been so pleasant. What format is better for escaping?

Okay, so I’m going to start talking about VR, because I’m pretty sure many people will immediately say when reading this article "Because it is a headset that completely covers your eyes, you will immediately be immersed in the game" I said Do not.

A key element of immersion and participation in the game is the actual game in which you are immersed. Recently, people are paying more and more attention to the major games that get the virtual reality format, such as "Resident Evil 7," "Half-Life Alyx" and "The Next Iron Man: VR" and other games will be ready to use a set tied to you Virtual reality goggles come to play. head. Expensive and relevant controllers are in hand, but how immersive are these games?

Of course, Resident Evil and Half-Life: Alyx is a highly rated game with interesting gameplay and a fascinating storyline; however, how many VR games can we say that truly meets all the criteria for a good game? I will say roughly, maybe, a tenth? This is generous, and considering that popular non-VR games were redrawn in VR (staring at the sky) after their initial success.

But why should I raise this point? Because before I delve into some of the more technical aspects of VR, I think it's important to address the fact that to be immersed in the game, you have to enjoy it, which means that the game has to be good (in most the cases). Circumstances. Some strange people will indulge in terrible titles for hundreds of hours.)

However, there is no game catalog behind virtual reality that matches traditional gaming methods. This is a new technology, so we won't be surprised, but now it is crazy to expect virtual reality to compete with traditional games because the two are so unbalanced in terms of content.

Yes, I have already talked about VR and there are not so many games available now. To be fair, at this point in time, the traditional game media for PCs and consoles had many games out of the box, and these games alone took billions of hours due to the high-quality nature of the games. . Yes, it is more important than anything else. the rest.

I want to give up a name. World of Warcraft. Can you think of any other games as a better example of total immersion? A fantasy world composed of other players, they are exploring an alien world full of rich knowledge and conflicts, these knowledge and conflicts have spanned many years of content and their own stories.

World of Warcraft is arguably one of the most immersive games on the planet. It all started in the era when CRT monitors became popular. Go to Google to see how World of Warcraft views releases on CRT monitors, and try to demonstrate that the overwhelming success of World of Warcraft is due to its graphical or visual advantages. The same is true for Stardew Valley-a player, pixel art and minimalist combat and dialogue options, still dragged me through hundreds of hours due to its game mechanics and extensive process options. Chapter

These games are time consuming even when played on a monitor that is now primarily used as a prop in the background of "Stranger Things," making the content played in them the key to their overall success and level factor. immersion. We cannot ignore this.

We've talked about the types of content that are played on these screens, now let's talk about the composition of the HD game settings itself. I won't mention any specific examples, just general examples of someone's game setup in a modern environment.

For example, console gamers can use a 4k HDRready TV and connect PS4 Pro to it for the best console gaming experience available at the time of writing (next-gen consoles pre-release). Suppose you are at home alone at night, plug the headset into the controller and close the curtains. Sitting in your chair, there is nothing in the world in front of you that can distract you from any game you are playing, right?

They can immerse themselves in a completely fluid state, their attention is completely focused on the game in front of them, without any external interference to divert their attention from what they are doing. We can also apply the same logic to PC gamers-if you are sitting in front of a dual-monitor setup, living alone, wearing headphones, then no matter what you are playing, there is nothing to keep you away.

is a common setting. It caused a widely circulated joke that sitting down and playing fast games might lead to overnight. This is something I have never done before, and can only comment on it theoretically. Don't look for any of my gamer codes.

Do you want to know another advantage of the traditional flat game method? Too easy, all you need to do to get into your

Start-up time, but the point is. Within a few minutes, you can enter the game, collapse on the sofa, or collapse on an expensive gaming chair. any.

This is another key area where traditional screen games are superior to VR: ease of use. Suppose I want to enter the Halo MCC game, which can be easily completed with just a few clicks of the controller or mouse. But getting into "Half-Life: Alyx"? You need to make sure you have a large enough space to play first, then clear the floor and general game area, and then navigate the game.

I don't know you, but I don't have a dedicated holodeck at home. Most of my rooms have tables, beds, or chairs to occupy me with. At the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is rearrange the furniture to get into the game, only this will destroy my dive.

I've opened the can of worms, so I'm willing to accept some of my other complaints about VR, which will have a lasting effect on my personal immersion in the game.

The first one is exactly what I just mentioned. If I wear glasses after cleaning the large space of the room to avoid accidentally ruining my acne in the middle of the game, then as long as I play, one thing that will bother me is to regroup the room once I do it. Do. I'm done. There is one thing to consider, of course, but I am the kind of person who uses color to coordinate the order of my coasters, so personally, VR is not suitable for my sense of immersion in this area.

But... that can disappear. I have been nagging "Half-Life Alyx" because when the narrative or game attracts you, it can really take you away. You really feel that you are a more urgent part of the game world, and have a closer attachment to what is happening and your environment until you hit a wall, trip over or a dog comes to you. Jump on you.

When you wear glasses and say "You are by the wall" or "I bet you will trip over the wire in a while", there is always a little thought in your mind. "Or, in a real-world example, I can give you that I was playing Resident Evil 7 at a friend's house, which is great, but I have been subtlely aware that I was terrified when they recorded my reaction.

I What I want to explain is that it is completely possible to be completely immersed in VR games; it’s just to be detached from the whole world while playing games. If you let them get hit, it may bring various psychological obstacles and restrictions. However,

VR is A new technology. We haven't figured out all the potholes and potholes on the road yet. There is still a lot to develop in terms of controlling the movement of the game and minimizing the possibility of dizziness. This sounds like a lot, but think about the first mass-produced video games you can buy. You can use Frogger, Duck Hunt, PacMan at home, all of which are completely overshadowed by games like modern games, even games released in 2000, or in terms of modern standards, even 2010 was dazzled.

applies this level of progress to VR, and I think we have every reason to assume that VR won't be defeated when it's fully immersed in the game. For a long time, developers and respected critics have been saying that this is the future of gaming, and maybe when the headsets, glasses, and all the other gear you need to wear to enjoy VR are optimized and refined, we will see a way to do it. fully enter the world of the game, not to feel like a third person observing the player in the game, but the player himself.

No tripping hazard, no dizziness, decent narrative and realistic graphics - these all exist in the future of VR, and when combined they will make the platform unmatched in terms of immersive and engaging gameplay.

However, now...all these things can be found on the flat panel display, the controller or the mouse in the hand. You can enjoy an immersive gaming experience this summer without having to tap your PC or console to tap your wallet, and launch things like Assassin's Creed Odyssey and its huge Greek islands for you to explore , Or The Witcher 3 and its diverse characters and creatures. -A game that presents interactivity and participation that does not exist in virtual reality games.


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