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When it comes to quirky and innovative companies, VR Leo is one of them. It brought its unique VR technology to Las Vegas at this year's CES 2020.

Among them is the Leo virtual reality game room. Known as the world's first self-service virtual reality arcade machine, Leo packs virtual reality (kits, tedious settings, etc.) into an all-in-one cabinet, reminiscent of any other games you find in an arcade machine. From the world Everywhere, except for these are virtual reality games.

Due to the close range and personal characteristics of virtual reality headsets, you are right to question the hygienic aspects of arcade virtual reality machines. VR Leo provides you with the world's first self-sterilizing headset system driven by four high-power UV lamps.

A huge screen can be used as a touch interface for selecting games, or as a window for viewers to see what the player is watching through the headphones. Loading the game is as simple as selecting the game on the touch screen and then paying for the headset to free itself from the protruding storage unit. This method feels very sci-fi and is tailored to the technology in question. (When we realize what is happening, we will never jump or hit ourselves on the head because we are not paying attention.)

Leo is a multi-game system, there are currently three titles, but the format means there is room for expansion. The current titles are Black Shield, Crystal Guardian, and Battle Monster. We have the opportunity to get in touch with all these games during the conference. Each one is well designed and easy to play, exactly what you want from the arcade machine. The main advantage of

Leo is its ease of use. The simplicity of starting the game mimics the simplicity of traditional arcade games. Bringing VR from a certain niche gaming interest to mainstream use should work wonders. Self-service is also key to making Leo cabinets an attractive proposition. The

VR Leo's goal is to redefine the arcade with virtual reality, and with the Leo cabinet, you can get it right.

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