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Vr black friday deals

Game companies like to hold their own announcement events. Just this week, we have obtained Sony’s game status, Xbox updates and Occulus Connect. Occulus Connect (OC) brings us the latest achievements of the virtual reality gaming giant, although not much in terms of hardware. Here are our best new VR games released on OC6.

If you have watched Player One, or read the books on which it is based, Facebook’s New Horizons will look very familiar. The new platform allows you to create customer avatars and interact with others in a completely virtual real world. We don’t have many details yet, but for VR users, this seems to be an exciting new experience. The

beta will be available sometime in 2020.

We like an excellent Star Wars game here, and the latest VR product seems to be a good addition to the already impressive library. This is a continuation of the first game, but this time your mentor Darth Vader will teach you how to use the power and skills of the lightsaber.

You can go to the dark side immediately because the game is already live.

This epic WWII game is designed to be as realistic as possible in terms of gameplay. This means that you can spend as much time as the shooter reloading the weapon. However, this does not make the game feel laborious or cumbersome. Respawn has managed to use it to make an amazing VR shooter game. Highly recommended. The

game will be released in 2020.

This may not be a game announcement, but it is just as enjoyable. One of the most popular VR games is Beat Saber, and they just released a new music pack with Fall Out Boy. We are fascinated by any new music in the game, especially a band, which provided the impetus for many game night activities in our teens.

So, we have it. These are our favorite OC6 virtual reality games. Which ones will you play first? Please let us know in the comments below!

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