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Videocardz report says rtx 3090 will have 24gb of memory

Last year, more or less, we see that the 360 Hz game monitor will be perfect in a large way, provides a dissemination player with real competitive edges on his rivals. The last list of fast panels is a monitor reques XG251G-A of 24.5 "with all other speeds. At the time of writing this, the official launch date and the price of this game monitor is known. However, the sources They suggest that the launch date of Q3 2021 is expected. While going to the

specification, the XG251G offers a great angle, color and a 21.5-inch IPS FHD panel viewing technology. It has a 360 Hz update frequency, response time of 1 ms of 1 ms (GTG) and full GSYNC variable update rhythm support. The XG251G is also a NVIDIA reflex, a last low delay platform. This can not only reduce the general latency of the monitor in a particular title, but also physically measure the entry delay receiving actions on the mouse click screen. -The reflective delay analyzer. Looking at

colors, users can expect a wide range of colors that cover 99% of Adobe RGB spectra. The XG251G also has HDR support for VESA SELLAYSHDR 400 certification. Similar to other IPS panels, the great viewing angle is also a feature of this monitor, and is lined with a large ocular attention packet that helps reduce stress of the Eye during a growing game session. Tickets also include HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4 and USB Number ports. The versatility of the stand at this stage is unknown, but it is based on the initial photos, but this can be quite limited.

, you like the sound of the monitor, but do you know where you buy it? Well, when writing this, the XG251G is still under the lock and the key. Before we can take our hand on this miserable panel, we must wait a little more, but when we do it, we always do a full review as always to go.

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