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A new trailer for El Hijo was released during the PC Game Show at E3 2019, providing a new perspective for the upcoming Isometric Spaghettiwestern indie game.

As your nominal 6-year-old son, El Hijo, you will give up bluffing, which is synonymous with the American West, in exchange for sneaking away from many dangers cunningly without using violence in any way.

After his home was razed to the ground by wandering bandits, El Hijo desperately searched for his mother. He chose to park him in an isolated monastery to ensure his safety. Not satisfied with the pure lifestyle of the monk, he decided to flee.

El Hijo travels through increasingly dangerous classic Western environments, such as cactus-covered deserts and sandy border towns, strategically using the surrounding environment and shadows to achieve success. Puzzle

uses sneaky trickery, concealment, distraction, and wholesome pranks to unearth the mischievous innocence of childhood; Hide in a basket, stay in the shade, use toys to attract enemies and solve environmental obstacles. Each situation requires different ways of discovering how the enemy behaves, understanding his movement patterns, and deciding how The Son can avoid them without his realizing it.

developer Honig Studios said it keeps the mechanism simple to highlight the casual nature of the game, although as the game progresses and more egregious dangers approach, different styles of this basic premise will emerge. The child's growth skills are gradually introduced and continue to develop and progress as he gains confidence in the journey.

As can be seen in the trailer, the childish wonders of The Son resonate in the vibrant cartoon art style and top-down perspective. The whole event has a certain degree of ease, and it looks like it will bring hours of fun.

The Son will land on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There is currently no set release date, but it seems likely to be late 2019.

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