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Vertagear vs secretlab

Much of our modern economy is powered by people sitting at their desks and using computers for an unimaginable time in the past. This leads to a significant increase in certain types of injuries, such as repetitive strain and carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repeated work in mice. The

vertical mouse can help with these situations, especially before they cause a lot of damage to your arms, wrists, and hands. This means that the vertical mouse market has exploded in the past five years. So how do you know which vertical mouse is best for you?

We have provided you with protection. We have selected the available mouse antics and found the vertical mouse that best suits your needs.

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

is expensive, yes, but it is one of the most versatile vertical mice on the market, and is named Logitech for added peace of mind. Choose your DPI speed, feel the smart ergonomics at work, and choose from 3 different wireless connections.

When you consider using a vertical mouse, the MX Vertical is one of the more expensive options, but it is not perfect; when you change it for the first time, it may be difficult to move. But ergonomics is high-quality, and the degree of customization of DPI movement means that it can provide reliable life-enhancing value.

Buy on Amazon The

Anker sells at an attractive price, offering you good ergonomics, well-positioned buttons, four-way scrolling, and 3 DPI options. However, if you have smaller hands, this is not a good choice. The Anker

optical sensor is sensitive enough to operate without any mouse pad, so Anker can reach where you need it even on smooth surfaces such as glass. And because it is high, you can use the thrust of your arm instead of the twist of your wrist to get good coverage.

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The unique appearance, smooth ergonomic design and reputation of the quietest mouse on the market make VicTsing worthy of your patronage. Just don't look for Bluetooth on this mouse because the closet is empty. The

VicTsing Ergonomic is probably the most similar competitor to the standard mouse, but it is turned over. This provides you with wrist relaxation at the clamped angle, arm strength for most of the movements you need, and the buttons and wheels needed for easy use.


from Amazon. A cheap vertical wireless mouse. It is compact and convenient. It also provides a classic "handshake" position to relieve RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. One is just for Windows fans: Levkey cannot be played on Apple computers. The

mouse has a fairly complex optical sensor that can give you faithful motion recognition, so it won't force you to make unnecessary movements. But there is one thing to note: the Levkey mouse is not compatible with Apple products.

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looks like VicTsing, but works well for people with smaller hands. Provides a wider range of DTI speeds, up to 2400 DTI. It also gives you the option of using wireless or Bluetooth connection, so you can move between machines without confusing characters.

uses 2.4G USB technology, Jelly Comb gives you the wireless freedom you need, but unlike other products, it also has a Bluetooth connection, so you can easily switch from one machine to another.

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Our criteria for defining the best wireless mouse fall into five main categories.

When purchasing a vertical mouse, pretend you are Goldilocks. You don't want a mouse that is too small, because that will cause you to adopt a bear claw hand posture. But you don't want one that is too big, otherwise, the pressure on your hands is likely to increase day after day. You are looking for the product that best suits your needs.

We'll recommend which vertical mouse is your "baby bear" for specific tasks and workloads, so you can skip all the nonsense that is too hot and too cold and directly use the mouse you dream of.

Similarly, the weight of the vertical mouse should be adequate for the purpose for which you want to place it. You don't want a vertical mouse that's too light, because not only will you end up accidentally dropping it on your desk when you madly ditch the spreadsheet, but you won't overstretch your hand and wrist muscles. And fast moving terms.

On the other hand, if your upright mouse is immovable like Queen Mary, then if you try to move it for a few hours a day, it will do more damage to your hands and wrists than it does. In finding the right mouse,

wireless technology can change the rules of the game. Usually, just a simple wrench, it can provide you with freedom of movement that you might not have, and you can easily switch between machines. If you are working remotely on a laptop, the wireless connection allows you to carry it easily.

Having said that, in some cases, a wired vertical mouse may be more suitable for your purposes. We chose the upright mouse that provides the best choice for a specific task or type of work. In most cases, this includes wireless operation. The sensor type on the

mouse determines its sensitivity. In turn, this affects the force you need to move it. The

sensor type will also determine whether you need some nostalgic pleasure of a mouse pad (spoiler, it may not be needed, especially between vertical mouse sockets), or whether you can use the mouse without additional appliances. If you are using a wireless mouse, it doesn’t make much sense to have a mouse that requires additional equipment since the time when the mouse had a rolling ball.

Where is your mouse switch more or less

Best seller for more than 5 years. The

Anker mouse comes highly recommended in terms of size, shape, and design. Its tall shape (3.98 x 3.23 x 3.15 inches) gives you a natural "handshake" hand shape, which can reduce excessive pronation and make your hand sit comfortably on the mouse.

But because it is perpendicular to the table rather than lying horizontally, Anker reduces the number of wrist twists it normally does, a boon for people who already have RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome. The

Anker's optical sensor is sensitive and works without a mouse pad, so Anker can do what it wants even on smooth surfaces like glass. And because it's tall, you can use the push of your arm rather than the twist of your wrist to get good coverage. The

Anker has a DPI button (between 8001600 DPI on the three wide bands). There is a control wheel that allows you to scroll the page in the four main directions. And there are forward and back navigation buttons for quick operation between pages.

All of these have a caveat. If your hands are extremely small, you may not be able to operate the mouse with adequate dexterity.

If you have small hands, the browser buttons can also cause problems because they are conveniently located for users with large hands.

In other words, for most users, Anker's built-in technology is enough to demonstrate the popularity of its price. The buttons are practical and effective, and the height of the mouse provides the ergonomics you need.

Connection technology

Wireless, USB

Hardware interface


Product size

5.51 x 3.35 x 2.76 inch

Product weight

4.80 oz

Windows XP 4 4 Windows Vista 4 Sensor platform 4 Linux, 4 Windows Vista 4 4 Windows Vista 4 4 Windows Vista 4 Sensor technology


Intuitive button position mimics a standard mouse, but reduces pressure on hand and wrist

Mute microswitch can eliminate 90% of standard noise from the

mouse Three-stage DPI setting means you can find the right one for you

mouse speed Disadvantages

does not have Bluetooth, which means you have to unplug the dongle to use it on a different machine.

The left and right buttons are intuitively placed on your first two fingers, with a wheel between them. This is a simple button setting: the left and right mouse buttons as usual, and the forward and backward buttons with the thumb within reach of the arm when using the mouse. The

DPI switch (again allowing you to choose between 800 DPI, 1200 DPI, and 1600 DPI) is located at the bottom of your finger and is difficult to change accidentally. Another advantage of the

using VicTsing is that it uses a silent micro switch, which means that it can reduce about 90% of the standard mouse noise, resulting in a truly quiet mouse experience. The

VicTsing is bigger, and if you use it while traveling with a laptop, it will become bulky. Although there are several upright mice with blue teeth and can be used at any time, VicTsing only provides you with a standard wireless dongle.

This means that if you want to use the mouse on multiple machines, you must remove the key from one machine and move it to the next.

But as far as the vertical mouse is concerned, it provides you with an ergonomic design and a new perspective, VicTsing is not as good as the other competitors on our list.

Connection technology

Wireless, USB

Hardware interface

USB 2.0

Product size

4.6 x 2.7 x 3.9 inches

Product weight

3.36 ounces

Windows XP, Windows, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows platforms

2000 Server, Windows 10

Sensor technology




from Amazon Small and light, suitable for travel

Three DPI adjustment straps, so you can choose the mouse speed you need

Affordable ergonomic design Affordable

4 Epic 44 Apple users because the mouse is not compatible with Apple

machines Levkey does not have a reputation for competing with Logitech, but its vertical mouse does provide some high-end features that enable it to exceed its weight.

For example, the Levkey Vertical has the same DPI variant as several other leading mice (800/1200/1600 DPI), through a simple but inconspicuous thumb-touch simple toggle switch. The easy-to-use back and forward buttons of the

are also located in thumb-friendly positions, while the main left and right mouse buttons and standard scroll wheel are placed in easy-to-reach positions with ordinary fingers.

5x3x2.5 inches, compact and practical, suitable for carrying. Like many, it promotes a natural "handshake" hand position to reduce excessive pronation and wrist pain.

wireless? Of course, via the 2.4G USB receiver. It can also be easily charged via a USB cable. The

mouse has a fairly complex optical sensor that can give you faithful motion recognition, so it won't force you to make unnecessary movements. But there is one thing to note: the Levkey mouse is not compatible with Apple products.

If you're looking for a reliable wireless vertical mouse that can deliver effective ergonomics without a price tag, then it could be worse than trying Levkey.



Connection technology

Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, RF

Hardware interface



Mac OS X, Android, Windows

Sensor technology


Amazon Store


Impressive and comfortable feeling to relieve The Logitech Pain

Bluetooth connection is the biggest obstacle to Bluetooth connection. You can easily switch between machines.

Especially useful for users with smaller opponents.


. Users with large hands do not need to apply; you will continue to bend your fingers to operate the

mouse. Remind us Warning, if your hands are small, the Anker mouse may not be the best

And the DPI speed ranges from 800 DPI to 4000. The few mice we choose here give you a number of options. Each of them is a vertical mouse that someone dreams of. All you need to do now is write down your needs and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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