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When it comes to enthusiast-level mechanical keyboards, people often think of a long list of Varmilo products. I was lucky enough to review one of his past collaborations with Ducky-Miya Pro Sakura, and it didn't disappoint. I think Miya Pro Sakura can do better in some way, but the overall design looks great, making it one of my favorite keyboards at 60%. Today, what we see is more of a masterpiece of art than a Varmilo MA87M keyboard from the Peking Opera.

For those of you who don't know, Varmilo is a Chinese company that has been slowly but surely releasing beautiful keyboards for several years. Varmilo keyboards usually use a unique key layout, but MA87M Beijing Opera hides some new things: the new EC (electrostatic capacitor) switch V2. The amazing themes of this keyboard are released to celebrate the history of Peking opera and Hanfu culture, with 110%, 65% and our TKL-80% model.


80% TKL (Tenkeyless)


Varmilo EC V2 Sakura


1.8 KG

Store Amazon


80% TKL (Tenkeyless)


Varmilo EC V2 Sakura


1.8 KG


355 mm


130 mm


20 mm (at the thickest part without key cap)

Dedicated multimedia key No.



, backlight only

Through-hole No.



Wired-USB Type A

Cable length

1.8 meters


Unique design We have never seen

Smooth and satisfying switch, making gaming and writing dream

High-end build quality



Very expensive

Generally few words about packaging and content, but not the case of time, look! The case itself is a work of art, which generates some excitement when the keyboard is opened. The entire product radiates a first-class atmosphere and the artwork is outstanding. Inside

: The

Peking Opera keyboard design is unique and beautiful, continues the amazing packaging and has a desk pad. As mentioned earlier, it is available in three different sizes, all of which exude an elegant vibe and may make you feel a little guilty about wearing it every day.

The overall color scheme of this keyboard is excellent, and it feels like it took a lot of time to create this artwork. The PBT key design has two writing methods in English and ancient Chinese, which are called "bronze writing". I learned from Varmilo myself that this script was used once before paper was invented, and it was often etched into metal. I am not a fan of culture or history, especially in the East, but Vamiluo deliberately chose these characters to fit the theme of Peking Opera. For example, the character "Dan", translated as an actress, represents the letter D.

I can only talk about key layout for a long time, and the idea of getting into this keyboard is amazing. I'd rather find some information on keyboard layout than have to study it, because it's actually very interesting when you start to figure out the meaning of each character. The F key is represented by the twelve-tone sunset in Chinese music, and the arrow keys "represent the auspicious four." The

key adopts an OEM appearance, which is similar to a standard mechanical key except for its appearance. The Esc key is similar to the rising red sun and shares an excellent layout with the Enter and Space keys.

Look at the Back Like most modern keyboards, there is a detachable cable on the back of the Peking Opera. The base of the motherboard adopts embossed gold pattern, which complements the key design to create a desktop work of art for you. Unfortunately and strangely, it is miniUSB TypeA, but this really is not a problem. The ports are recessed and there is a cable management path on the back of the keyboard, so no matter where you put it in the setup, you can keep it neat and clean. The

gold embossed pattern runs across the entire bottom surface of the keyboard and only breaks in the middle of the gold certification plate. For stability, each corner of the board has rubber foot pads, and since it has a slightly natural ergonomic rise backwards, we can only see a footrest that folds down, which also benefits from the rubber Ottomans.

As far as I know, there is no dedicated, full-featured software driver in the hardware. MA87M supports NKey Rollover USB, and completely does not have our expectations of most mechanical keyboards. If you are looking for a feature-rich motherboard, then this type of keyboard may not be suitable for you. Peking Opera is all about design, high-quality performance and high-quality craftsmanship. In addition to the

aesthetics, the switch is the most important function of the MA87M keyboard. Since I started testing the keyboard, I have used a variety of switches. I personally chose Cherry MX Red, which generally prefers a linear style rather than a touch when gaming and typing. When you buy this specially

board, you will get three exchange options. The three switches in question are the new EC V2 switches from Varmilo, available for Rose, Sakura and Daisy. These three are linear style switches with varying operating forces, from the 55gf Rose similar to the Cherry MX Black to the 35gf Daisy. The model we review today uses a Sakura switch with a driving force of 45gf, which feels almost the same as Cherry MX Red. Chapter

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