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Valve hires former emulator developer to work on open source graphics for linux

As part of the continuous effort to improve the Steam digital showcase, the valve has pressed a new update to Steam Labs that improves the Steam News Center. Steam Labs Daving 009, the update is currently lived to prove it in the version of Story Client and StoreFront Browser. The idea

is to simplify navigation and allow users to load several predefined views. The main changes introduced in the update are design updates. Steam Labs experiment updates As the valve is explained:

"Menu on the left (previously long check boxes) focuses on switching between the main predefined views, and a default view gives you a space to add . Filters that exclude specific types of events or specific sources have been transferred to the secondary menu. The left bar still contains a game search field to quickly find the news about a specific game.

We can burn in spring through a more relevant preset.

Future events have their own dedicated sections to facilitate the user to find and track the associate based on their own library of games. Maintenance news, Ingome events, Updates, DLC and sale.

, now there are new sections of attention. Displays the selection of grouped posts of the 100 best sales games on the platform. Steam contains a popular event of a wide range of games with a wide range of events, suitable to highlight valves. Sophisticated game of outstanding outstanding, rust, a popular game as the war vessel, scroll online, highlight Football Manager 2020. The

update also shows a little love with a dedicated game of games. Valve Explanation:

"The design of the individual games news centers is also easier to identify the game area, updated to provide access links quickly to the game store page, community, etc. In this review, The individual news, as it will clean, you need to see the name of the game again in all publications. "

Finally, the latest update update of Steam Labs is new to change the section, we will create a new navigation mode, including the mode of Navigation and facilitate access to games search, and reduce content and text on mobile phones.

Store You can try new changes by visiting the news section from the drop-down menu. Click here to try Steam News Hub banners at the top of the page jumping Steam Labs see once. It is worth noting that the news center is still in progress, and valves encourage users to provide comments and suggestions.

We were playing quickly, but it is not too revolutionary, but it is definitely an improvement in the extended content overload of the existing period endless. It will benefit from a little more jealousy before adapting to a complete launch, but it is more digested and fun.

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