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Valorant elderflame ultra edition weapon skin pack

If you want to combine two of the best e-sports games into a game suitable for hardcore FPS gamers and MOBA style lovers, then you will be the winner. This is what Riot does. With Valorant (the official name of Project A), they combined the widely broadcast Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) original shooting game and equipment purchase mechanism, and merged them with the heroic power of Overwatch, possibly creating The greatest game ever. E-sports. Any time.

Although it is clear that Riot was inspired by the above games, Valorant will focus on gaining the absolute foundation-network code, hit detection and input delay, in an effort to surpass the competition. In addition, the hero’s weapons and abilities are different from those in Overwatch and CS:GO, providing fans of these games with a whole new set of equipment.

Riot has no news about a confirmed release date, but it is officially scheduled for the summer of 2020. This may surprise some people because Valorant was only released to the world with the title in October 2019. temporary. Project A. This means that Valorant has definitely been in development for a while, and the official release date may be supported by its beta test performance and the number of changes required based on feedback.

So far, the only thing we feel honored is to quickly browse some Alpha games, but hey, it's better than nothing!

As shown in the alpha game above, it uses a 5v5 round-based system where one team is defending and the other team is trying to plant a bomb. Several different heroes are shown with various interesting abilities, such as magic arrows and blinding poison clouds. Additionally, various weapons were on display, including the Marshal, a bolt-on sniper rifle, and the Stinger, a rapid-fire submachine gun.

Based on this round of play, it can be clearly seen that the central mechanism concentrates on the firing of the contraction shooter, and the hero's skill is almost used as an auxiliary backup element. As in CS: GO, these weapons appear to cause great damage. Headshots are a one shot kill, while rifles kill opponents after three or four hits. The main character's max ability is based on "Overwatch", but the cooldown can last for several rounds, which is the obvious difference between the two. Of course, as demonstrated in the test shots, team communication is absolutely essential and, as with all similar games, this will give you a slight advantage in fierce battles. Known Valorant's

roster is currently limited to 8 characters, but Riot stated that their goal is to have at least 10 playable heroes at launch. Below we present the names and main capabilities of the eight known roles in detail to familiarize you.

Omen-A roguelike character with methods of concealment and blinding ability.

Cypher-A defense hero who lays mines, he can also use the camera to keep an eye on invading enemies.

Sova - Use magic arrows to pierce through walls and travel across the map to deal long-term damage.

Phoenix-Fires flash bombs in a non-linear manner to catch enemies who are camping.

Viper-Release a poisonous cloud, which can blind enemies or create blind spots for unsuspecting opponents.

Sage-Valorant's medic, heals allies and revives fallen teammates.

Jett-A flying knife master with ninja skills.

Brimstone-Use a series of air-based missiles to destroy enemy teams or free your allies from trouble.

Considering the confirmed news and alpha gameplay presented by Riot, Valorant is becoming one of the most exciting releases this year. Not only will it please hardcore FPS gamers, but more arcade-style heroes will also attract those looking for alternatives to Overwatch. Riot's comments suggest that the unparalleled network code and focus on hit detection will satisfy all players, which may make Valorant the most refined game of its kind.

We look forward to having Valorant in the next few months, and we believe you will do the same, so we will keep you informed when we announce any news or new features. See you at the bomb site.

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