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Use ps5 dualsense controller on your pc

Steam is one of the most popular game clients for PC players, and it is a monumental game catalog ready to buy and play. The latest new feature for customers is a tool that allows you to play games on different devices by transmission of a PC at Steam Remote Play.

Features can also play with friends, a player speeds another player to another screen, then plays the title and uses cooperative operations that has to leave the house. Today, we will use EasyTofoll step step to use Steam's remote game.

Steam Remote Play Allows the game to be launched from a computer while playing from another vapor connected device. This function recommends you to join you remotely to your friends, even if you do not need to have that particular game.

Steam Remote Play works when connecting it to the game on your device when the actual game is running on another computer. The audio and video images are captured remotely and sent to the device, and the entries are sent from the keyboard and the mouse similarly.

This means you need to play with the device you need, as long as the device is running. For example, graphically intense games can transmit your "just work" laptop, you do not have to play all the games on the desktop.

If you selected a game you want to select, go to the store page. If the game supports Steam's remote game, you can see this with the details of the game to the right of the page. You can check if any device and remote vapor playback are also supported here.

This function makes the games much more accessible, but there are still some requirements to improve the general transmission experience.

Hardware: For computers running the game, you will need a range of systems, as well as manufacturers or more advertising. The sides of the client played remotely must have a GPU that supports the H264 decodish hardware acceleration.

Network: The cable connection will be prudent for the best transmission experience. Experience of changes based on network connection, so I work wirelessly.

Games and Steam Settings: You can improve the game experience by turning off the flight settings, resolution and vertical synchronization. You can also change the bandwidth of the network and adjust the maximum capture resolution to change part of the remote playback settings.


Let's see how easy remote vapor playback is reproduced. Before starting this process, make sure that the client is updated.


Log in to the Steam client on your PC with the game you want to play.


Next Log in to another computer or steam compatible device where the Steam Link application is installed. If it already evacuates, download the application on your mobile phone, tablet or Google Play or Apple App Store TV.


Connect to a steam PC to start and play the game remotely.


describes the following steps required so that someone involved in any cooperation behavior.


launches remote playback playing together "

accepted, then they will enter the game.

The experience of your game depends on your Internet connection consistency, but at least I understand how to use Steam's remote game. If you want Start in the packaging area in your home, you want to return to the packaging area in your home if it is so inclined, if so, it is not in a vertical position at home.

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