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Use an xbox series x series s controller on a pc


Finally, we have compatibility, we talked about this before, but we will cover it in detail here. In most cases, the

MSI Afterburner is compatible with all GPUs, regardless of make, model, chipset or card manufacturer. If you have a GPU made in the last ten years, this thing will support it. This makes Afterburner the most versatile graphics adjustment tool. You can use Afterburner to adjust your Radeon Rx 570 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080Ti; it doesn't matter what you are running. The crossover support introduced by

Afterburner is different from other overclocking utilities (EVGA Precision X1 or AMDs Overdrive) that only work with your specific graphics card. As you can see, Afterburner is also completely free and very intuitive.

is the best GPU overclocking software for me, and I highly recommend it to any beginner who wants to upgrade the hardware to use it.

Let us know your performance in the comments section below. We love to hear about the user experience and will answer any questions as soon as possible.

Yes, MSI Afterburner will surely increase your average FPS. In fact, you can help increase the number of frames per second in two different ways.

First of all, MSI Afterburner has its own overclocking feature, which can be used to automatically boost your GPU and even push your CPU to the limit to some extent, without the need to manually patch the associated risks.

This is a very convenient feature that can be seen as a GPU equivalent to Intel TurboBoost CPU technology. It pushes things as far as possible without destroying the stability of the hardware. It is very suitable for beginners who want to get involved in the world of overclocking. The second way that

MSI Afterburner helps increase FPS is for its monitoring system to show you real-time updates when you perform some manual overclocking. It basically guides you through the process, making sure you never push the hardware too hard, well... it's hard. The

MSI Afterburner uses something called OC scanning to identify the exact GPU in the system, so the software knows what you are dealing with.

For this reason, your configuration recommendations for automatic OC should not harm your GPU. It just doesn't recommend any settings that push the voltage or heat too much.

Having said that, overclocking is inherently risky and will at least slightly affect the life of the device. Therefore, if you really want to optimize the life of the graphics card, keeping this automatic OC at 24.7 may not be a good idea.

Irresponsibly using MSI Afterburner for manual overclocking, which may cause your graphics card to lose its life. It provides you with tools to upgrade the GPU in the most progressive and intuitive way, but users may still overuse them.

As an experimental process, overclocking is an important part of overclocking, so although it may have a negative impact on our GPU, Afterburner does not set upper limits on OC parameters.

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