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Update drivers on windows 11

Microsoft Flight Simulator has achieved great success, bringing the highly complex and ultra-accurate world of flight simulation to a whole new audience, with beautiful visuals and the entire earth can fly. However, it is not without its problems, one of the areas where installation difficulties have led to some complaints, and has even led Steam to change its refund policy to fix the problem that some users take hours to install. With the latest update, Microsoft hopes to solve the problems that people encounter during the initial installation process. Version of patch

is now available. Microsoft recommends that anyone who encounters difficulties during the installation process that causes the game to run incorrectly uninstall it and start over. If you do not encounter any difficulties installing the game, it will not be necessary. They provide full uninstall instructions for the Steam and Windows Store versions, as well as detailed instructions on the patch here.

In addition to resolving installation-related issues, Microsoft also fixed some crashes caused by certain game scenarios, resolved some issues in the game's content manager, and other minor fixes.

With a game of this scale, including nearly all the flight on the planet, real-time weather updates, and hundreds of players taking over the game world, it's not surprising to see some issues. The good news is that Microsoft is quickly addressing some of these issues. Since new entries in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series are typically ten years or more apart, we expect to see some kind of continued development in the next few years to add features and content to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

If you want to learn more about how this type of game has evolved over the years, check out our flight simulator history guide and our dedicated hardware guide, which you can add to your setup for more realism in the experience. of the flight simulator.

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