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Saints Row: The latest update of The Third Remastered for PC puts the game in a fairly large state, with frame issues, sound issues, and wrong AI, making it impossible for many people to play this game. The

update introduced a frame rate lock at 67 FPS. On its own, this is not a big deal, because over 60 FPS it is not just playable, but re-adjustment can cause frame rate issues, even if gamers turn off VSync and play games on GSync-enabled monitors.

Sound is everywhere. The volume is too low or too high, any adjustment in the game settings will not solve the problem. This problem is so obvious that even if the rest of the audio is turned off, some ambient sounds are too low to be heard. The behavior of

AI is also affected by the update. In the driving phase, the car that should be neutral will do this with the player, and although it is not provoked, it will try its best to cause a crash, etc.

Taken together, all these issues make playing Saints Row: The Third Remastered a chore, especially considering that the game worked perfectly when it was released on May 22. Why the developers chose to release an update that objectively made the game worse is a question in the minds of many Saints Row's third remake players.

To further exacerbate the impact of this new failed update is that it is difficult to make the Deep Silver publisher aware of these issues. Saints Row: The Third Remastered is released exclusively as the Epic Games Store. Epic has yet to introduce some basic features, especially the user reviews and user forums that you can find on Steam.

Therefore, the publisher does not have a direct channel to generate a response and players cannot warn potential newcomers that they are entering a broken game. Rest assured that if the game is on Steam, disgruntled players will flood the comments and forums to express their discontent, forcing developers and publishers to take action.

Fortunately, Epic’s exclusivity will not last forever, and Saints Row: The Third Remastered will land on Steam one year after its launch on May 22, 2021.

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