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The 2019 viral puzzle game Untitled Goose Game finally debuted on Steam on September 23. Developer House House will launch a new character to celebrate this moment: the second goose. Yes, double farce problem.

In fact, this means that "Untitled Goose Game" will land in a two-person cooperative mode, as announced by House House in the trailer that aired during the Nintendo's independent game show yesterday. Players will be able to recruit a friend and honking together, plotting to anger the local citizens in various creative ways. According to the short film in the trailer, the Untitled Goose Game co-op game looks as interesting and engaging as the existing single player format.

The following is House House’s evaluation of the ad:

"You will soon be able to enjoy the Untitled Goose Game with your friends in the new two-person cooperation mode. Play the entire game like two ugly geese, press the horn twice, and join hands Planning a prank will usually ruin everyone's day. "In terms of

features, they are:

A new cooperative mode is coming and will be updated for free on all platforms, including through Steam,, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo. Switch.

If you are looking for an additional controller for your second player to take advantage of the next Untitled Goose Game update, you can check out our current guide to the best controllers for PC. We cover every angle from the Xbox controller to DualShock 4 and everything in between through the Steam controller.

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