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With Epic Games, you can connect multiple different accounts to your Epic Games account, such as Facebook, Steam, Twitch, Xbox, PSN, and Nintendo. Epic Games tries to prevent customers from disconnecting their accounts for various reasons. Sometimes there may be problems between these connections, or you may just want to start Fornite from the beginning, so today, we will show you how to unlink your Epic Games account.

Log in to Epic Games, hover your mouse over the account name in the upper right corner, and click "Account"

Now click the "Connection" tab located on the left, and then click "Account" on the

connection and click " Disconnect" from the selected account, you will see a warning message asking you to confirm. If you are willing to continue, click "Unlink" and finish.

Whether you have linked the wrong account, want to start Fortnite from scratch, or have a new Xbox, PSN, or Nintendo Switch account, now you know how to unlink your Epic Games account. The process is very simple, but don't forget that you will lose all the data on the unlinked account.

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