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A few years ago, Epic launched a digital store to compete with companies like Steam and at the same time launched a website called the Epic Games Launcher and a separate launcher. Anyone who wants to play the exclusive games available on EGS needs a launcher.

If for some reason you don't play these games anymore or just want to free up some space, we'll show you how to uninstall Epic Games Launcher completely, but remember that removing it will uninstall the game as well!

Epic Games Launcher, released in 2018, is a digital distribution platform for games and software developed by Epic Games. Epic Games Launcher offers a variety of exclusive games, including Unreal Engine downloads and some third-party games.

In the Windows Start button search box, type "remove" and then click "Add or Remove Programs"

After opening, you will see a list of programs, click "Epic Games Launcher" and then click In "Uninstall"

Windows will remove the program in a few seconds and, when finished, will uninstall Epic Games Launcher and the games installed through it.

Open the browser on your Mac, and click "Applications" in the sidebar.

Find the Epic Games Launcher, right-click and "Move to Bin"

Epic Games Launcher is now completely uninstalled, and you can launch Device. .Don't forget to go to the trash can and delete immediately.

How to uninstall the Epic Games Launcher is very simple, but please make sure you want to 100% delete these games from your disc. Obviously, you can re-download/reinstall the Epic Games Launcher at any time if necessary, but unless your internet speed is fast, this can be very frustrating.

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