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Developer Ludomotion released a new trailer at E3, revealing their next PC project, the upcoming roguelite Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy.

To be precise, "Unexplored 2: Traveler's Legacy" is an action RPG rooted in the Roguelike tradition. It is the sequel to the 2017 experimental indie game Unexplored and has been widely accepted.

"Unexplored 2: Traveler's Legacy" does not explore the dungeon as the usual standard in this type of course, but instead jumps into a vast world that is traversed to destroy Yendor's esoteric staff. "The Lord of the Rings" takes the dangerous journey as the central experience, which blatantly inspired the story.

The complex generation of shows returns in Ludomotion's ultra-planning style, in which omens, generative storytelling and legends intertwine in a world that changes with each game. The goal is a sense of craftsmanship, although the algorithm determines most of the content that appears in the game world.

If you die, you will be reincarnated as a direct descendant. He will move on from where you left off and bear the consequences of the choices and interactions reflected in the game world in subsequent executions.

For example, choosing to kill or flee a group of enemies can reduce or increase the stakes in future games, because the enemy gains strength due to failure.

This distortion is unusual because each decision in a particular implementation must be considered in a broader sense. One game may lead to a disastrous defeat, but the foundation is being laid for the challenges of the next game; simplify access to weapons or try different routes to get the simplest weapon. The

trailer showcases a unique artistic style, including Journey, Studio Ghibli and the unreleased standalone Sable, as well as glimpses of different biomes to explore.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy is ambitious, basically an independent five-person team. Fully aware of this, Ludomotion created a crowdfunding on Fig for early access to the program for players to test the current version and submit their feedback.

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