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Ubisoft shares first rainbow six quarantine details at e3

Ubisoft released a new free multiplayer PvP sports game at the E3 briefing called Roller Champions. The prealpha demo running until June 14 is currently available for download on the Uplay store. Ubisoft hopes players will give it a try and provide feedback.

Roller Champions is the Rocket League mixed sports champion. It seems to combine the ultra-aggressive sport of derby on wheels with a bit of classic ball on a sloping circuit the size of a stadium. In many ways, this is an example of why video games are so good that no one in the real world would play this.

In the case of full contact, there is no tackling ban, and there are no rules about which direction you should slide, unless you are expecting wheel chaos by scoring or doing two bonus laps that earn you double points.

Ubisoft stated that two teams of three players faced each other in arenas scattered around the world. The object of the game is to score points by completing a lap with your team in possession of the ball and then throwing the ball into a vertically angled goal connected to the side of the court. Each game of the

Rolling Championships is played in one round, with the team that scores 5 points first wins. On the surface, the speed can reach 100 miles per hour, and players can perform a series of acrobatic actions, such as wall slides to gain speed, aerial tackles, and quick turns to surprise opponents with big punches and mistakes.

It looks like Roller Champions will have a career-style mode where players can transform their fully customizable skaters from raggedy fanatics to wealthy fanatics, earn generous endorsement deals, upgrade their gear, and get annoying new celebration animations. And enter a bigger and better stadium. The ranking will also show the best players in the world.

Roller Champions is designed specifically for PC, but there is currently no word on the exact release date, except for early 2020.

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