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Ubisoft launches free seven day uplay trial

After some expert suggestions and obvious suggestions from the developer himself, Ubisoft has opened the curtain on its new free battle royale shooting game Hyper Scape.

Self is stylized as a "battle royale urban futuristic free game". Hyper Scape allows players to engage in a deathmatch of 100 people on the streets of New Arcadia, called Crownrush, whether it is single or squad.

This is a fairly familiar formula, most similar to Respawn's Apex Legends, but with verticality and mobility increased to 11. All the buildings that make up the Hyper Scape map are extensible, which helps to flexibly explain the effects of gravity, high-power jumps, and the ability to push players into the sky.

The following is the official description to let everyone know about the world that supports Hyper Scape:

"It is 2054, and technology is everywhere. It helps people survive in their daily work, from neural networks to network-enhanced and thriving artificial intelligence, but for the bottom 90%, life is difficult. Many people work for large companies to survive; these are lucky. There is only one way to reach the top...One way to change your life luck and achieve better goals: win the championship in the fierce battle royale of the Hyper Scape virtual world.

Another turning point, Hyper Scape has hackers or abilities that can be looted. These range from stealth and close-range mines, to armor and a huge bouncing ball, to teleportation, healing, hitting, and defensive walls. There is also an interesting one. The death mechanism allows the remaining teammates to resurrect the fallen teammate, but the teammate can still roam the map as a kind of ghost while waiting for the resurrection.

Although it is possible to win the Hyper Scape game by knocking down all opposing players, it is also possible to win by capturing the crown produced at the end of each game. Hold it long enough and you will stand out.

is very similar to other Battle Royale games. The feature of Hyper Scape is that the size of a circle will gradually decrease, except that it is called decay, which is a number that dissolves all of the new Arcadia area as the game progresses. . Like the gas in Warzone, if the player stays in it for too long, Decay will deal damage.

Ubisoft also produced a major song and dance on the Crowncast Twitch "edgy" extension of Hyper Scape. In fact, the game is an "interactive broadcast show built from the ground up." It allows viewers to vote on the effect of changing the game to change the game in real time, and allows the presenter and the viewer to "interact in an unprecedented way".

Before we're too excited to try and join Battle Royale's newest contender, Hyper Scape can only be played as a technical test. Before the full launch later this year, several closed tests will continue until July 8 in Europe. 'clock central time.

is very similar to Valorant. Ubisoft is distributing access to technical tests through releases on the Twitch streaming platform. Obtain water drops by observing one of the 50 participating anchors. Ubisoft advises that there are no guarantees and that you will only have the opportunity to gain access to view eligible streams.

Not all regions are eligible. Ubisoft has limited ratings for North American and European countries. These include Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Ubisoft said it will expand its data center network ahead of launch to welcome gamers from around the world.

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