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After canceling E3 this summer, many developers and publishers have no platform to promote their latest and upcoming games. Many developers and publishers have organized their own events to fill this gap. Ubisoft announced that it will hold its own E3-style press conference called Ubisoft Forward. The

showcase will provide a fully digital immersive experience, understanding Ubisoft’s cooking and as the name suggests; we will see Ubisoft’s stores in the future.

Ubisoft confirmed that Ubisoft Forward is scheduled to be held on July 12 at 12pm Pacific Standard Time/9pm Central European Time approximately one month after E3 regular time, and will be broadcast on official channels of YouTube, Twitch and similar platforms .

In terms of fans’ expectations of the demo, Ubisoft explained that it will provide a variety of reveals and news in a manner similar to the regular display on E3. The official news telegram on the Ubisoft website explained, ``Due to the COVID19 pandemic, physical game shows around the world have been postponed. Ubisoft will host its first title on July 12th at 12pm PDT/ 9pm CEST. It is a digital conference of Ubisoft Forward. Get ready for an E3-style display, which includes a lot of exclusive game news, exciting reveals, and more.

As for the games Ubisoft will show, Assassin's Creed Valhalla is almost certain because the marketing tools are already online, but a few weeks ago, we haven't seen a suitable game.

In addition, Ubisoft has leaked many games, including delayed works such as "Watchdog Legion", "Rainbow Six Quarantine", and "Gods and Monsters". We also have news about games in development, such as Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the pirate adventure Skull & Bones.

In October, Ubisoft stated that it plans to release 5 AAA games at the end of March 2021, at the end of the next fiscal year. We have already seen Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Gods and Monsters, Watchdog Legion, and Rainbow Six Quarantine, leaving an unannounced title that is expected to be a new entry in the Far Cry series. We cannot rule out some accidents.

Overall, Ubisoft Forward promised to provide a popular alternative to the now-cancelled E3 to match EA’s already announced digital report in the form of EA Play Live. This is the first Xbox next-generation game to be released in July. The long-awaited PlayStation 5 launch event. The Game Awards will host Geoff Keighley's Summer Games Festival throughout the summer.

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