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Publisher Team 17 announced today that the 2D pixel art Gothic action adventure adventure game Blasphemous will be released on September 10, 2019. To this end, the developer The Game Kitchen released a new trailer that is both memorable and fascinating. The striking similarities between

and the "Dark Souls" series, although reduced to a two-dimensional plane and guided the legend of Galactic Castlevania, "Blasphemous" brings us into the elaborate and contemplative non-linear world of Cystodia. This is a bloody, violent and terrifying scene, with huge cathedrals and foul dungeons everywhere.

As the confessor (a strange fusion of a narwhal and an ancient knight in armor), the only known survivor of the cruel slaughter called "Silent Sorrow", the player must unravel the deep-seated legend and fill Cystodia with The Tortured Soul is freed from The Curse of Miracles - This is an adventure filled with religious and otherworldly themes, originating from a kind of twisted torture that seems to happen all over the world every moment.

By mastering a fast-paced skill-based combat system, you can deal with many evils. Borrowing from the Soulslike genre again, Blasphemous features epic boss battles against punitive enemies that are just as grim and nightmarish as the others. The oversized boy who rips our hero apart in the trailer is particularly disturbing.

Much of the battle revolves around wielding a mythical sword called Mea Culpa-obtaining foul Cystodia items allows for further customization of statistics and more destructive abilities, including bloody executions to defeat hordes of fanatical priests, undercover agents Ghost etc. Style.

There are pitfalls to overcome, puzzles to be solved, and a large number of platform parts to be activated. As with any Metroidvania, navigating in Cystodia involves revisiting locations to discover hidden secrets that were previously blocked and defeat once insurmountable enemies.

Blasphemous is planned to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

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