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If you are reading this article, you may have heard or seen professional FPS gamers talking about the importance of turning off mouse acceleration. Obviously, you also want to be a professional, or at least better, that's why you are here.

But before we dive into how to turn it off, let's talk about what mouse acceleration is, what it does to you, and why turning it off can help you get those coveted headshots.

So, needless to say, let's get started...

In layman's terms, the faster the physical mouse moves, the more the pointer moves on the screen.

So if you move the mouse slowly, the movement of the pointer is basically the same as you. But if you move it quickly, your pointer will fly across the screen. At this time, the distance the pointer moves is more dependent on the speed of the mouse than the actual distance it moves on the desktop.

For the above reasons, turning on mouse acceleration is useful for general use. When browsing the internet or working in a limited office space, you will definitely benefit from turning on mouse acceleration.

Think of it this way, its screen size is roughly 18 inches diagonally. With mouse acceleration turned off, to move from the lower right corner to the upper left corner, you need to physically move the mouse 18 inches through a series of short swipes. But when the throttle is on, a quick, short slide can do the job.

However, when you play, this is a completely different story...

To. Paste. you. Target.

Okay, but seriously. Since mouse acceleration depends almost entirely on the speed at which you move the mouse from one point to another, it is not very accurate. By disabling this feature, the pointer will reflect mouse movement in a 1: 1 ratio. Due to the way your camera works, this allows you to achieve particularly accurate aiming in FPS games.

Turning off mouse acceleration can also cultivate muscle memory more easily, allowing you to instinctively repeat actions without thinking.

Psychologically speaking, the rat's acceleration has fundamentally changed the way its brain processes its movement. Without it, your actions are precise: movement in physical space is related to movement in digital space. After activating it, your actions are not for a specific location, but for the speed and direction of your mouse movement.

This means that physical speed and direction are abstracted as digital motion, which may be a discordant transition. Add a speed threshold to activate mouse acceleration, and you have more information in your brain during important momentary decision-making processes.

In short, it's easier for your brain to get used to turning off mouse acceleration.

Let's put all this in a hypothetical situation:

Imagine that you are playing [insert your favorite shooter here]. Thanks to YOLO, you camp at the house. Now that you hear the footsteps behind you, you are 90% sure you can shoot first.

Let's see how this works with and without mouse acceleration.

Use the mouse to accelerate: you turn around as fast as you can, but you intelligently move the mouse too fast in the current heat and exceed your target by a few inches. You made some good shots, but she hit the ball first. It was a war of attrition.

No mouse acceleration - You quickly turn around the corner, place the mouse on its forehead, and then shoot the head. you are dead. Turns out, you're not as fast as you thought. But you succeeded!

Now that we have convinced you of the importance of disabling mouse acceleration while gaming, let us review what you need to do to disable it!


There is more than one way to do this, but I will show you the easiest way.

If you want to view these instructions in video format, please view them here.








Similar to Windows 10 instructions, you can also watch Windows 7 instructions as a video.







Almost all proFPS gamers have disabled mouse acceleration. Considering how precise your goal is, it's worth trying it yourself. After all, if Stephen Curry gives you advice on triples, you might want to hear it.

Disabling mouse acceleration not only improves your aiming skills, but also improves your muscle memory. At the very least, this should allow you to react quickly and accurately in the blink of an eye, which is bound to do a lot in any competitive video game.

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