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Sega and Amplitude Studios took the stage during Gamescom's opening night live broadcast, kicking off a new human strategy game. The trailer played for this occasion is a strange thing, a Neolithic man weaves a new beat on a synthesizer, which seems to be a space station floating in deep space, and then immersed in the image of the engine.

is firmly rooted in the 4X tradition, and humanity has ambitiously spanned human history across six different periods, from CroMagnons to the 21st century and everything in between. The task of

players is to lead 60 different cultures, from humble beginnings to world domination. These include the Aztecs, Egyptians and Romans. The difference between Humankind and similar games such as the Civilization series is that you can mix and match these cultures and then blend them together to create a unique and unprecedented heterogeneous civilization, or let history take its course.

Each culture has different units, characteristics and bonuses. Some people are more capable of fighting and conquering foreign countries, while others can provide infrastructure or build architectural miracles in times of cultural influence. All this is to combine them to suit your game style.

familiar storylines appear, including scientific breakthroughs and cultural milestones, and players must decide how they affect their civilization. The

game loop focuses on turn-based ground battles, naval battles, and city building, which is a typical entry price for 4X games. The combination of terrain, fortifications, and natural surroundings provides a tactical experience. The army has mixed units from different eras, so it is not surprising to see Roman legionnaires fighting alongside medieval knights and infantry squads. All of these are upgradeable and will evolve as the game progresses.

Sega and Amplitude have yet to specify which platforms humans will go to, but they will likely be PCs. The game is scheduled to launch in 2020.

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