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AMD’s main chip manufacturing partner, TSMC, has apparently been developing an improved version of its 5nm node.

Chainnews first reported in a report that TSMC received a decline in 5nm and 7nm production orders from Huawei, but Apple has already taken over. Apple's 5nm order has sparked some interest in the industry because it shows that they will compete with AMD when launching 5nm chips. According to the

news, "It is said that TSMC has developed an improved 5nm version of the process specifically for AMD, and its capacity requirement is not less than 20,000 12-inch wafers per month."

TSMC has announced that compared with the current 7nm on the market, its The transistor density of 5nm design will increase 1.84 times.

Although this looks promising, there are still few details about the 5nm node. Many rumors are still circulating, so it is difficult to know what will eventually be confirmed.

It seems that TSMC is preparing to launch an upgraded version of the 5nm node in 2021. This shows that we can see AMD's Zen 4 architecture on the market later that year.

According to Wikichip, this new and improved 5nm node will provide about 7% performance improvement compared to standard nodes. However, it is not clear whether this is due to the increase in actual performance, or the performance is the same but the power consumption is reduced by 15%. Report

shows that TSMC's new 5nm node will be used in future generations of Ryzen chips. However, it will be some time before we see them mass-produced. So far, only AMD's Zen 4 CPU plans to get new production lithography technology from TSMC.

Although the Chainnews quote above implies that TSMC will build a 5nm node for AMD, it has not been determined whether it is specifically designed for AMD. As the world's largest semiconductor manufacturing company, TSMC produces chips for a number of companies other than AMD, including Nvidia and Apple.

It is still unclear, we may have to wait until next year to confirm all this. At the same time, if we hear updates or confirmations about these reports, we will make sure to notify you in time.

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