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Triple aaa game

Many times, deciding to buy or not to buy a game is a process. You need to take the time to weigh the pros and cons of a particular game and absorb all the opinions and images you can find to help you as much as you can before processing your hard-earned money understand situation.

Other times, you might watch a game and know you want to play it and make an immediate decision on the spot. This is what happened to me when I saw the Post Void trailer. This is an acid journey in the style of a first-person shooter, a kind of fear and disgust in the 3D of the German headquarters. I had to pause the trailer because I knew I wanted to play it, when I loaded the Steam page and saw that it only had a start-up discount of $2 / £1.56, usually $3 / £2.33, after I just bought it there.

It has a distorted reality, a hand-made feeling, when you pass each level, the world bends around you, all enemies, weapons and HUD items have a sense of otherworldly. Obviously, the game has borrowed from the original "Doom" in terms of basic environment and level design, especially "German Headquarters 3D", but there is a strange environment that may be more in line with things like the Miami Hotline.

There is also a craze similar to the Miami Hotline. Your health is shown by the fluid in the idol you grabbed with your left hand, gradually draining from below. Every time you kill one of the several enemies that the game throws at you, it will keep dripping and refilling. This means you don't have time to stay, because you have to keep moving towards the next enemy you want to kill. The

game has 11 levels with highly randomized elements. It has a structure of a bit of a rogue permanent death game, so if you die once, you will go back to the beginning. When you reach the end of each level, you will see a variety of different upgrade options to help you deal with increasingly difficult enemies.

I think most people will know if this game is suitable for them after watching the trailer for a few seconds. This is obviously not a big budget game. The impulse purchase price reflects this, but I think the expressive aesthetics, compact movement, and unique settings and tone make it worth the asking price. So far, I can only reach the fourth level, but I will definitely jump back to see how much I can get.

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