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If you are a player, you probably have heard the "AAA game" that was thrown forward from the "Triple Game". However, did you find yourself in what you think about what the same phrase will mean? What are you doing an AAA game? And what is the difference between other games? In short, the AAA game can see that it is watching TV ads, characterized by the famous voice actor and will come from all the world's largest studies. They are Hollywood Blockbuster of the game industry.

When you get off, AAA's games are the ones who heard that they played them. The creed of Ansassin, Final Fantasy, and a great franchise like a witch is this example. In addition, CYBERPUNK 2077 covers a game that brings celebrities to help you advertise as Keanu Reeves.

These titles are usually of the same number of studies that could have equipment and profits to bring these games to light. They have the best graphics and the last game dynamics and are often susceptible to the delay of the launch date.

These games are really similar to Hollywood thieves successes. They have a great budget behind their back, they generally worked for many years in a game, and the large amount of exaggeration comes from those who hope to see the game. Doing.

AAA means that the game is described only because it is good. Some game flops, some have not lived in exaggeration, and some are simply spectacular. But why is this?

If you pour a great budget for the game, it must be an important benefit to go on top. This is a risk that the Game Company will take when they decide their resources to the AAA titles. It has a game that includes the characteristics of Pay-in, Micro, and you really need to buy many DLC that you really need to buy to get the game. This often works in some cases, leaving a bad sensation in the mouth of many players.

Many of the great triple game sets that can take great risks that many players want to see. Among them, they trust the recession, creation and sequel to make sure that the game audience is definitely there, and trust in the sequel and invest in their games. It is not necessarily bad, those games are sometimes wonderful. However, it will be so low that we see the shelf that there are many new titles of the present invention.

These game companies do not want to take these risks, so you can leave many similar, old and predictable AAA games. These games have many surprises, and it is easy to get bored immediately when you look at it before. This is a factor that contributes to the most popular increase in the Indian Games Market, where it was considered that the present invention seen by this was alive.

Triple games can be great, and I definitely bought many of them for the year. But they have announced the only game there. Indian games have recently appeared on the list of best sold and often have a resurrection recently that often have often been talking about their creation. Titles such as Disc Elysium and Fall Indys have made a great impression in the world.

These titles are seen in the game and put on your turn on things, very different ways. Disc ElyssiUM goes from the sequence of action and cutting-edge graphics and focused on convincing stories and detective dysfunction instead. The autumn guys wear a genus Royale Battle and turned it into the head to launch thousands of games and began thousands of games. I can not show that you do not need to be a successful game.

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