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Everyone seems to like remakes these days. This is not irony, I love them too! Especially the remake of a game that I haven't had a chance to play but have always wanted to play. Trials of Mana is a game originally released under the name Seiken Densetsu 3 in 1995, but it has never been released to Western audiences.

Trials of Mana will be released on the official Nintendo website on April 24, 2020. A remake that is a remake instead of the original game will make this a fun game. This gives creators more freedom when designing games, because some of the features that might have been groundbreaking at the time now feel a bit outdated.

This remake will be released on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Hope we will see the Xbox One version in the future, but we will have to wait for more news about this version.

Mana Pre-order Trial PS4

Mana Pre-order Trial Nintendo Switch

Not to be confused with The Collection of Mana released earlier this year, Mana Trials of Mana will be released next year, which contains a complete list of updated features. The HD version will be equipped with a completely redesigned combat system (3D format, of course), and the ability to change character categories.

This feature is the core content of JRPG and is a great addition to great looking games. The title will also feature dubbing and a remastered soundtrack. As with most remakes or remakes, we should expect the main story, characters, and progression to remain the same, which is a good thing!

I hope we can still see certain levels of post-game content, such as the "Final Fantasy" series and other interactions of characters, tasks, and items that were not originally included in the game. Additions like this are what really make the remake stand out when done right. After all, if it was the exact same game you played 20 years ago, you might be a bit disappointed.

If you're the backup type, you can prepare a set of downloadable wallpapers for yourself ... but the attached Tail Ornament (DLC) may be more useful for you. Using it will allow players to gain experience after the battle. I really like the fact that the upper limit is 10 levels, which makes it less of a "pre-order boost" than when there is no upper limit.

Overall, if you like the classic JRPG style, this seems like a good version. This remake seems to have erased all the charm of the original and finally allows players who missed it for the first time to experience it.

Even if you're not a fan of JRPG, this is a title worth checking out. After all, there is a reason for the remake! The updated mechanism will bring freshness to the game and hope that new players will feel at home.

We'd love to hear if you're as excited as we are about the next release. What do you think of the remake of the game? Is there a place for them or is it better to avoid them?

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