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Trailer for upcoming point click comedy there is no game

The new collaboration between Wargaming and Hasbro Inc., the transformers make a surprising look in the world of warships. Autobots and strangers will reach the game as a subject of the skin or commander in September.

Otherwise, the world of warships in the world is a free online battle game that offers a great fleet of vessels from the historic war in the exciting naval war. If you want to know our 5 main reasons to play the world of warships, look here. Game

receives a regular update, so it is interesting to see something out of the normal update added to the game.

This new update can only return to the World Warfare game.

This new update has four characters of iconic transformers thrown like a boat or commander skin with a container with a recognizable voice over and phrases. Naturally, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will take the central scenario as an Autobot from here, but we look at Megatron and run as the fraud of enemies.

This new collaboration also introduces other additional content, such as exclusive game tasks, combat missions, transformers, consumables camouflage, commemorative flags, patches and patches.

Please look at the recent trailer below for the idea of what you get.

Philip Molodkovets, executive producer of World Ships, communicated as follows: We fell instantly with the robot character who fascinated our imagination with the new 1980s series of anime. With the opportunity to present them in The world of warships, is a dream come true for many of us. Love for our great epic metal warriors is mutual! Therefore, together with traditional warships, the Characters of the Transformer paid special attention to the lives of people aligned with traditional warships.

"We are excited to bring life to transformers' brands in the world of battle through this unique collaboration. Combining warships and transformer results, a totally new dimension is added to combat both fans of the Mark Blechher franchise and business strategy, SVP and sales section.

Update This transformer is available through PC and console in September. Do you want to review at the time of launch? Are you a worldwide fan of the war ship fan? Let us know your thoughts about new updates of comments.

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