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Ubisoft announced that the release of Trackmania stunt runner has been postponed. The game will no longer be launched on May 5th as originally planned, but will land on July 1st.

In a statement sharing news, developer Ubisoft Nadeo explained that the COVID19 pandemic has caused the decision to postpone the release for nearly two months, and specifically pointed out the work measures taken to combat the spread of the virus.

Although the team has adapted to the new working conditions and the level of efficiency is still high, the sponsor chose to allow more time for the transition. Ubisoft believes that this is the best choice to ensure that the game is released in a state that meets the expectations of potential fans. Similarly, Ubisoft stated that this is also the best decision for the Trackmania team, because the members must adapt to the new reality of the development of the new coronavirus.

Ubisoft also reiterated that the Trackmania Zrt Cup, touted as the most important international Trackmania competition, was also postponed due to the pandemic. However,

Ubisoft admitted that for those who are eager to try and remake Trackmania Nations, the news will be disappointing.

In this spirit, Ubisoft did not allow fans to return empty-handed, but made a new advance to help them overcome difficulties. The trailer shows Trackmania at work, containing some really dazzling snapshots of dizzying ramps and physical challenge loops, players can expect to try it out in July.

Interestingly, the trailer has the Epic Games Store and Uplay logos, but there is no Steam. This implies that Ubisoft will leave the Valve store when it launches, like the recently released "The Division 2", it will still not be available on Steam a year after its launch.

At present, there is no price news yet and there is no information on whether Ubisoft will adopt the same free play method as Trackmania Nations in the past.

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