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Mordhau's success is attributed to Chivalry, this game may have promoted the development of this genre in 2012, and the developer Torn Banner Studios is back and released a sequel called Chivalry 2 at E3. Torn Banner released a trailer to commemorate this announcement, and it is as scary as you think. Let's get into a simple joke; who said the cavalry was dead?

Chivalry 2 is scheduled to be released in early 2020 and will start as an exclusive sale on the Epic game store, and then transfer to other digital stores a year later, especially Steam. Players will have to behead and dismember their way in order to win large-scale medieval battles with up to 64 players on a map based on multi-stage objectives. They would use castles to lay siege, they would use villages to plunder and a vast battlefield.

In one game, you can charge from enemies on the battlefield, looting farms, attacking city gates, and killing kings. Torn Banner will lead a "Total Medieval War" with a narrative tendency.

Torn Banner stated that he completely upgraded the Chivalry 2 mechanism through an improved combat system. The system has fluid animations, more attack types, horse combat, and a larger battlefield sandbox, with more space that you can use interactive elements creatively, such as ejecting a corpse. , setting a chicken on fire and then throwing it at the enemy, and so on.

Chivalry places great emphasis on drama and a sense of humor, and the sequel lives up to this DNA by introducing more exaggerated expressions, grunts, and death screams. First of all, players can now continue to fight even if they lose their limbs, and they can continue to swing even if they are fixed on the ground.

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