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If there is a franchise in the world that seems to be the ideal choice for video game adaptation, it is Star Wars. We all know that some amazing Star Wars games have been released in the past, but the real question is which Star Wars games are worth your time?

Fortunately, the WePC team got together to discuss our favorite games and finalized a list of the top ten Star Wars games that we thought were worth playing. Check them out below, and if we missed your favorite, be sure to tell us in the comments what it is and why you like it!

Star Wars Dark Forces was an excellent game at the time. It was a fast-paced shooter in the Doom style that guided players through the world of Star Wars and a host of new characters exclusively introduced to the game. 4,444 players control Kyle Katarn. He is a mercenary. It will appear in many future Star Wars games and you will go through winding levels in familiar places like Coruscant, Star Destroyer, Jabba's Sailing Barge, etc. Star Wars fans know this. The

game not only allows players to correctly immerse themselves in a first-person shooter in the Star Wars universe for the first time, but the game also introduces some FPS basics that are still in the genre. Today: basic knowledge such as jumping and squatting. , And looking up and down, we all take it for granted now.

game elements have also been introduced into the dark forces, and they are also very good in their era: players can use tools such as flashlights at will, which can illuminate the dark area directly in front of the character, but make it easy for the enemy to see their NPCs. . For one of the first major FPS games, this is very groundbreaking. The title of

remains unchanged. This is a great classic game that can be used on Steam and reduce game time, especially if you are a big fan of Star Wars or just like the retro FPS atmosphere!

The first of the two Force Unleashed games, and the best (and the longest), because I feel that the sequel never reaches the craziness or vision of the first.

Anyway, Force Unleashed is a featured game in the Star Wars classic, because you have to play like a bad guy, and many players can say that Star Wars is more interesting. As Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, Garen Marek, he is receiving Vader’s training in the Way of the Sith so that he can ascend to the throne of the emperor. Codenamed Starkiller

, the player is in charge of tracking down and killing the remaining Jedi throughout the galaxy for Vader, making for a very interesting and engaging game. Throughout the game, players can use forced forces like pushing, choking, throwing lightning bolts, and lightsabers to aid them. Due to the excessive large-scale nature of the game, these forces can be as high as 11.

Although it does not fully comply with the classic Star Wars canon (or its rules), we cannot deny that it is interesting. Not only can you use the ridiculous OTT power, but you can also battle some of the famous figures from the Star Wars universe, including the Emperor, Darth Vader, thanks to the DLC, and even Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.

Although it may not be that impressive from a technical point of view or deeply rooted in the legend of the Star Wars universe, it is absolutely fun and really different from other games in the Star Wars series.

is created by fans’ favorite Knights of the Old Republic series. This is the second time the Star Wars universe has received a complete MMORPG, the first being the Star Wars galaxy (more on that later).

players play any role they want (Jedi, Sith, bounty hunter, smuggler), and basically the Star Wars universe is within their player range. Not only that, the game is completely separated from the movie canon, which means that the screenwriter is completely free to do whatever they want in the story, which is great for many Star Wars fans they have seen. The influx of new Canon. In addition, the game's cutscenes allow Star Wars players and fans to look forward to during a typical Star Wars content that might be considered...a disappointing period. This is not really the main factor in the game, but check out the video above to see why the Old Republic has gained so many followers and reputation for its non-traditional character narrative and characteristics. The

game is still playable today, and you can actually play Star Wars Old Republic for free, if you are interested in sneaking in, be sure to visit their website, especially before the announcement of the new High Republic, Times will accept the same. as the treatment of the Old Republic. The

WePC team and I agree that this is a highlight in the long legacy of Star Wars games. As the actual third entry to the Lego game series, it collects prequels and original trilogy into one very interesting package, allowing players to play the role of almost anyone in the Star Wars universe, even a dumb robot.

Also, while the endless character roster and innovative level design are important factors in the overall success of the game, its true appeal lies in how engaging it is. To be honest, this game is a great exercise in unconscious fun in the Star Wars universe when this legend is too serious.


As a testament to the fun and easy access to LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Legend.

This game set the standard for all subsequent Star Wars action games. Jedi Outcast was released in 2002. After the story of the dark forces and Return of the Jedi ceased, it once again cast players into the role of Kyle Katane.

This game offers many things to Star Wars fans, allowing them to seamlessly transition from traditional FPS action games to more sophisticated games; a combination of lightsaber and force combat.

The full range of Jedi Knight abilities is provided to the player for the first time: Pull, Push, Strangle, Lightning, Speed, all are ready for players to fight with lightsabers, programmed so well, even to this day Still, there is a dedicated fanbase using multiplayer servers to host one-on-one lightsaber tournaments. The

story is good too, it even has original actors, making Jedi Knight 2 a wonderful addition to the Star Wars Canon. If you want to give it a try, the game has recently been relaunched on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, so if you don't like buying it on Steam, there are plenty of options.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (at least the 2017 version) is a tricky subject.

On the one hand, before and before his release, he committed many crimes, related to the mechanism of obtaining and looting. In fact, it has sparked a lot of debate throughout the entertainment industry, including in courts around the world.

However, the other side of the argument is that the game has taken a complete turn, and now... it is wonderful.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you have no requirements for the 2005 classic modern revival. You can play Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War or Sequel Era, online and offline modes. As each option.

not only can be played in all different eras, but the game includes a variety of different characters and units, even the most determined and speculative Star Wars fans will be satisfied.

Continuous updates and real-time chat with game developers greatly help to build a new sense of trust in the community, and new features like Clone Commando and CoOp undoubtedly make "Star Wars: Battlefront 2" an incredible Game, and since there are not too many topics about Star Wars Battlefront 3, please make sure you don’t miss the cheap deal when Battlefront 2 arrives!

I have mentioned this game in the list, and for good reason. Star Wars Galaxy is an old MMORPG and one of the first real estate-based massively multiplayer online role-playing games. It allows players a lot of freedom to choose their path in the Star Wars universe.

is not based on a class like World of Warcraft, players must upgrade certain attributes to get their class. So if you want to play as a soldier, then you need to upgrade your weapons and defense skills, exchange their barter skills, etc.

This is a truly innovative upgrade system that enables a booming player economy based on different player abilities and ultimately maximizes the player's skill points and is allowed to become a Jedi.

This is a great ending and saves one of the game's biggest incentives as a true ending goal. Even so, it adds a lot of things, including a popular system. If you get a lot of attention as a Jedi Knight, it will eventually bring you an unkillable Darth Vader.

can still be played in one way or another, you only need to do some searches. But, officially, the game is dead, which is really a shame considering that the game's highly customized and personalization allows players to experience the Star Wars universe in an unprecedented way.

The latest work of the Pantheon of Star Wars game, Fallen Order is a single-player adventure game from Respawn Studios entering the Star Wars universe. Players who haven't tried it are best described by comparison; if Metroid, Dark Souls, Uncharted and Jedi Knight 2 all enter the blender, then Fallen Order will appear.

Although the game itself does not bring anything new, it is still a high-quality title, with many interesting and fascinating characters and planets, and at the same time through a fascinating story, all set in episodes 3 and 4 in between.

Maybe the game ranks so high for me because there are not many other Star Wars games released when Fallen Order is released, and there is no real single player game for a long time.

However, despite the glitches (* cough * frame rate drops and bugs * cough *), but it's definitely one of the best Star Wars games ever released, at least in recent memory!

I'm a sucker for single player games, so at the height of the Clone Wars the FPS you play as a commando in the clone army is on my street, and still thanks to its availability on Steam and some, you can install the texture pack res.

As a prequel-era game, you can't rely on characters from the original trilogy to give the game some stellar weight. Instead, the game features several new villains.

The game is still considered very difficult, and some sections are also the limit of the pressure level such as S.T.A.L.K.E.r.R. The Command of the Republic

was just a title standing in the story of the Star Wars game. Actually, it is attached to the game, the player feels emotionally attached to his team, and the player is attached to his team both in the game, with the innovative Innovative AI. I ordered a game.

Star Wars: The gentleman of the old republic was a star RPG that really established the criteria for future bioware releases (Kotor Study). Cotol with a memorable character of the character, including the droid, the alien, and humans brought many different assets to Star Wars Canon, including the Darth Ferrite Fan lever. Fans and players of

Star Wars are usually thanks to a complete story, and I went to Rabid for the Kotor and fostered the depth of the characters you were interacting with the exploration element. Not only that, it was the first time in the main entertainment of Star Wars that the fans present the cast of the Galaxy Global Landscape and the completely strange character, obviously, very exciting.

RPG elements of the game also introduced many things in that particular genre. Real-time combat and in real time are made for the perfect mechanic for players and brings many memories of memories along the way. The

fans were treated with the sequel to expand in the world of the 2 knights of the old republic. But it is a place where good news is over. Some fans remain in EA's hand with respect to whether the fan, actually, returns to that period of Star Wars history while optimistic about the old Republic 3 knights, or the reset of Kottle.

And do you have it: ours Top 10 Star Wars games were a list in the instructions you would choose, or unhappy? Please be sure to inform us of the following comments.

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