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Ever wondered how Tony Hawk’s game became a world favorite? A new documentary aims to answer this question and take us through the history of these skateboarding games.

The news that the first two Pro Skater games received a high-definition remake is a huge but welcome surprise for fans this year. Therefore, this documentary is an excellent way to return to the nostalgia of professional skaters in the 90s.

"Pretend I am Superman" is the title of this documentary-aptly named after Tony Hawk's recognizable soundtrack at the time. Moment-Superman from Goldfinger. If you can read this article and trailer without getting that song stuck in your mind, then you are stronger than us. The

trailer introduced us to the early 90s, when skateboarding began to fade, we went straight into the story. He allowed professional skaters like Tony Hawk to scramble to make ends meet. "I am a declining vertical [vertical] skater. My income is halving every month, so I started to do my best."

In the late 1990s, Activision started a new project that would Bring sparks back to the world of skateboarding.

Activision called Tony Hawk and said: "We are developing a game, and we hope you can come and see what we are doing." This prompted Tony Hawk to test what would become Tony Hawk's very popular professional skater. "Once I played it and felt some control, I knew it was the game."

Tony Hawk Pro Skater was finally released in 1999 and sold 9 million copies. Over the next few years, it made its way into many platforms like the resulting sequel.

This documentary includes archival footage and interviews with other skateboarding legends such as Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Chad Muska and Rodney Mullen. They provided a unique insight into the skateboarding world of the 80s and 90s, and how Tony Hawk's game changed the skateboarding world.

Rodney Mullen described the reaction at the time. "The performance in that game was crazy, not just for skateboarding, but also for us personally."

This documentary is an independently produced film, helmed by former Neversoft producer Ralph D`Amato and Swedish director Ludvig Gür. . They got together in 2016 to make this movie. After four years of production, it is finally ready to be released next month.

"Pretend I am Superman" will be released on digital platforms on August 18, 2020.

Will you see the story behind the skate games sensation? Thinking of buying a remastered Pro Skater set? Let us know what you think below.

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