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The organizer, the Computer Entertainment Providers Association, announced today that this year's Tokyo Game Show will move to online events.

CESA originally planned to hold its annual gaming fair at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in late September. As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced the event to be canceled, the plan fell through. The revised

digital event, called the 2020 Online Tokyo Game Show, will be held on the Tokyo Game Show official website and social channels from September 24 to 27 to replace the canceled physical event. The online version of

Tokyo Game Show 2020 will launch announcements from selected top independent publishers and developers, as well as updates on upcoming games and services, as well as detailed information on gaming-related products and merchandise. In addition, CESA will also host live esports competitions, online exhibitions, online business meetings, and online roundtables covering the latest video game topics. All content will be provided free of charge.

The following is CESA's official introduction to the 2020 Tokyo Game Show Online objectives:

"TGS2020 ONLINE is the first online event organized by TOKYO GAME SHOW, which will give everyone the opportunity to experience the fun and potential of technology cutting edge through games. Network The world is a diversified space, where people from all over the world can transcend the barriers of physical distance and time to connect with each other in real time. Games can cross the boundaries of the game itself and change our future in all fields. With the development of technology and the power of games, a more exciting future is just around the corner. "The full list of

exhibitors has not yet been released. If the lineup is measured by past editions, we can expect strong choices from Japanese developers and publishers such as Konami and Bandai Namco. Sony usually uses this event to promote it. The upcoming PlayStation version shows that we can also take a look at the upcoming PS5 games.

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