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Titanfall 2 arrives on steam and becomes top seller

TN vs IPS vs VA, which one is more suitable for gaming? Well, you may have heard that TN panels provide the most responsive experience, but times are changing!

We all want the best gaming experience, but the main difference between TN and IPS gaming monitors can leave you confused when buying a new monitor. Also, there are many conflicting opinions on which type of panel is really the best.

The truth is that each type of panel has its advantages and disadvantages, if you are confused do not worry, we will be here to help you make a decision. The

TN (Twisted Nematic) panel is one of the most popular display types for gamers. Compared to IPS and VA panels, they have the fastest response time, making them ideal for gamers. Compared to IPS displays, TN displays are also generally cheaper.

Whether you're shopping for a new 4K gaming monitor or 144Hz / 240Hz fast refresh rate monitor, you can always find a more affordable TN option. Just because TN displays have limited viewing angles and generally worse color reproduction doesn't mean they're not gaming-friendly. If money is not an issue and you have a fairly powerful PC capable of 4K gaming at maximum settings, then when IPS can bring more vibrancy and immersion to your overall experience, choosing a TN monitor is pointless. That said, for those who like to compete, there is still room for TN screens. The

IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel can display clear images and clear color details. This makes them the best choice for image editing, video editing, and content creation, but they don't work well for producing better blacks.

In the past, IPS panels were considered to be much slower than TN panels, providing a high overall response time. While this is still technically correct, there are many low response time options on IPS panels that give you the same responsiveness as TN panels, but with better color reproduction and wider viewing angles. The

VA panel is designed to have the functions of the IPS and TN panels. They are a bit centered, MVA and PVA respectively.

Overall, they have better viewing angles, deeper blacks, and better color contrast. In the past, VA panels couldn't really compete with TN's fast response time, but this is no longer the case and the technology in all panels has stabilized.

has all the different functions, it is difficult to choose the right one for you. We have summarized and outlined the differences between TN, IPS, and VA monitors in detail to ultimately help you make a decision.

After discussing the main differences, let's talk more about the factors that make each monitor superior to others in certain tasks. The

TN display as a whole usually has a fast response time. With response times ranging from 1 millisecond to less than 5 milliseconds, playing competitive games with these displays should give you an advantage. The

IPS monitor used to take time to process the image, and the response time ranged from 5 milliseconds to 8 milliseconds, depending on the brand. Obviously, this is no longer the case, and the response speed of IPS displays is as complete as TN. The response time of

, whether you choose TN, IPS or VA is a controversial topic, but by using IPS panels instead of TN and VA, you will pay more for this. Compared to the IPS screen, the

TN screen has a poor viewing angle. They simply cannot compete with their IPS and VA counterparts. You will also notice that the color changes when viewed from the sides and from above or below. The

IPS screen has a wider viewing angle. The color will not change, which is different from TN panel. If you are not directly in front of the screen, the color will be washed out. The

VA screen also has a wider viewing angle compared to the TN screen, but it still can't compete with the IPS screen. When viewed from different angles, the color will change a bit, but it is not as obvious as TN. In terms of quality of color reproduction, the

TN display cannot compete with the IPS and VA displays.

IPS and VA displays have better control and precision, allowing them to provide more accurate colors than TN displays. Compared with the IPS display, the

TN display shows better blacks, but the VA display has twice the function of the TN display. This makes them the best choice for watching movies because they show better color contrast in dark scenes.

TN displays are one of the most popular display types for most users, especially because of their affordable prices.

IPS and VA displays tend to be a bit expensive, but have similar performance specifications, better viewing angles, and vivid color reproduction.

TN monitors are best for gaming because they can reproduce images quickly. If you don't want to pay a large fee for the next monitor upgrade, TN monitors provide excellent performance at a lower price, which is a great supplement for anyone who likes a competitive FPS. The

IPS monitor has the same fast response time and high refresh rate without any disadvantages, so if money is not a problem or your budget is good, then you should definitely choose the IPS model.

Whether it is a TN, IPS or VA panel, choosing the right display should not be based on what most people use. The monitor you are looking for must meet your personal standards and be fair to the games you play.

After discussing all the differences, it's clear that IPS gaming monitors are the best, with fast-response specs, wider viewing angles, and brilliant color reproduction. TN monitors are still very suitable for gaming and will give you an edge when playing competitive games for a long time.

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