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EA recently released a series of games on Steam for the first time. We've already seen "The Sims 4," the "Battlefield" series, and "Mass Effect" return to Steam, giving fans more opportunities to play. So far the most surprising hit may be "Titanfall 2".

"Fall of Titans 2", this avid sci-fi shooter has been hugely popular since it hit Steam. In terms of the number of players, it even surpasses the entire Battlefield series.

Titanfall 2 developed by Respawn Entertainment is a first person shooter game. In the world of science fiction, you can control the Titans and their pilots. In the single player game, the character Jack Cooper is a Border Militia Rifleman who joins forces with Titan to stop Star Manufacturing from launching super weapons.

Titanfall 2 was originally released in 2016 and it didn't cause much of a sensation or attention. Over the years, it has become a cult title. Fans of the game seem to like the unique single-player story mode and the chaotic multiplayer gameplay. However, the title of greatest concern at the time was another EA title: Battlefield 1. So it's interesting to see Titanfall 2 finally outperforming its competitors four years later.

Now that "Titanfall 2" has landed on Steam, players have flocked to experience this game. To this day, with a peak of 9,211 players, it appears that "Titanfall 2" has finally received the attention it deserves. It is even the best-selling game currently on Steam.

Comments on the game seem to be as positive as when the title was originally published. Steam reviews have been very positive, so it seems to maintain its age well.

is part of the EA games released on Steam, and many EA games are currently available. This is a good bargaining opportunity.

Titanfall 2 is also currently on sale. With a 67% discount on the original price, you can purchase this game for only £8.24. This special offer will end on July 9, so if you want to play on Steam, you still have time.

Will you collect Titanfall 2 on Steam? Or are you one of the thousands of players already in it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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