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This week in gaming our top stories july 17th

In another week, we once again add the headlines from the entire gaming industry! This week

Bungie showed us an important announcement video, which contains reveals about the new arrival season update and the content of the game for the next four years. They bring new destruction, new stories, new locations, and they will start to bring in some content from the OG Destiny era.

has a lot of information to let us know this, so we put them all in one helpful article for you. You can also see the WePC team's reaction to the announcement in our first reaction video.

Destiny 2 Learning Revealed

As the launch date for the new Intel Tiger Lake CPU approaches, the first marketing materials have been sent out to members of the media. As our social media team so aptly pointed out, they really missed a hack that didn't capitalize on the Tiger King's popularity and instead sent out the roaring Lily Tiger seeds.

Team Blue didn't give us an exact release date yet, but we knew they should be releasing soon because they were touted as a "mid-2020" release. After

was released last week, I spent a lot of time on the latest expansion pack "The Sims 4", turning my smoke-filled community into a green dream. I've overcome new ambitions, become a kombucha maker, and done more yard work than any of my Sims. You can read all my thoughts on the green lifestyle in my next super fan review.

The destiny of blacks is also a destiny, the movement has not stopped or slowed down. Also, there are many packages available on It now contains over 1,000 games, you can experience them all for just $ 5, and the proceeds will be donated to charities that help support the BLM movement. Of course, if you have extra cash, you can choose

how much to pay for this worthy cause. I got the pack myself earlier this week, but haven't managed to filter all the games yet. This will definitely keep me busy for a while.

Click here to learn how to contribute to the "Black People's Fate" movement.

may not look like it, but now summer really is here. What does that mean? This means we have a good list of juicy new games and tech releases. From Cyberpunk 2077 to Ryzen Zen 3, we have been finishing the version that excites us the most. You can check the full list below and make sure to tell us what you are most looking forward to in the comments.

The most popular game released this summer.

Technology release. We can’t wait for this summer.

What we have been working on for a while is finally released this week-our own PSU calculator! This handy little tool will help you determine the power supply needed to build your PC. All you have to do is select your component and it will calculate the wattage you need. But this is not all! It will also provide you with a list of suitable power supplies and a link to purchase. Is it easy to use? We are very proud of this and hope you like it.

Due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus, all usual summer gaming events and conferences have been cancelled, postponed or moved online. This week, more of the same events began to appear on our screens. Last week we held Thermaltake Expo, and this week we held IGN’s Summer Of Gaming event.

Once again, we have put together all the important announcements for you to watch, which you can find below. Personally, I am excited about Metal Hellsinger, because who would not like to play such an FPS game with a heavy metal soundtrack?

Of course, the PS5 was unveiled in its online showcase last night. With the display of "Resident Evil 8" and "Horizon: Western Forbidden Zone", we are very satisfied with the appearance of the new PS5 console! If you haven’t, please check it out, but we also researched what you need to buy to make a gaming PC that matches (or beats) the PS5.

IGN Day One Roundup

PC and PS5: Where should you put your money?

PS5 games that can be played on PC

Resident Evil 8 was announced, but what do we know?

This is the content of this week's (big) game news. Is there something you want to share with us but didn't see in this article? Please let us know in the comments below!

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