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This week in gaming our top stories august 21st

This week saw Ninja return to Twitch. Previously, he was the most popular anchor on the platform and became the largest anchor of Fortnite. Later, he agreed that Microsoft would spend millions of dollars on an exclusive live broadcast on Mixer. After Mixer closed, he terminated the contract, so he can live broadcast as much as he wants. His first Twitch broadcast of the year attracted 100,000 viewers in the first 15 minutes.

We are not sure if he will continue to broadcast live on Twitch, or this is just one time, but it will be interesting to see his future plans.

Speaking of Fortnite, the latest big update just arrived. After a temporary delay, the Joyride update is now available, allowing you to find and drive various types of vehicles. There are cars, trucks, helicopters, etc.

These vehicles are very useful in avoiding high speed maps and high speed car chases.

Microsoft's rebirth as a powerful editor for the PC continues. After Steam successfully released Sea of Thieves and the critically acclaimed Halo: Master Chief Collection PC release, they successfully released the micro-survival early access version of the terrain of the game, from Obsidian Entertainment.

Grounded attracted more than 1 million players in the first 48 hours and has not left the top three sellers on Steam. Obsidian Entertainment, the developer of

, stepped out of his comfort zone in this game. They had only participated in fairly traditional RPGs before, so it's great to see this version find an audience so quickly. Microsoft is likely to see this as the success of its Game Pass business model, in which a new IP can be successfully launched as part of a subscription model.

stay in touch with Microsoft, we have confirmed when their game streaming service will launch. Still known by its placeholder name "Project XCloud", it will presumably get the final name before launch, but Microsoft's game streaming service will launch on September 15. For a regular monthly subscription fee, this will allow you to stream games from Microsoft's servers to any supported local device.

Disappointing news because various corporate entanglements surrounding the release of the next Marvel Avengers game have caused Peter Parker to be banned from games on all platforms except PlayStation. Some kind of shady backdoor deal means that if you play on PC or Xbox, you can't play Spider-Man. To control the damage, Scot Amos, a developer at Crystal Dynamics, tried to explain the situation, but eventually gave an incoherent, infinite statement that didn't really get to the heart of the problem.

This isn't the first time a company transaction has hampered gameplay on certain platforms, but it can be particularly shocking because it's not just about a few extra weapons or skins, he's one of Marvel's most popular characters, and the Editor Square Enix really didn't work hard to appease gamers on platforms other than PlayStation.

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