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This week in gaming july 24

When we finally got the long-awaited confirmation message, game fans from all over the world, including myself, made a collective shout of excitement-we will get a new fable game! As part of the latest Xbox presentation, we saw for the first time that this highly anticipated game will be released on the next generation Xbox Series X.

The new Fable Game

announced by Microsoft is not the news we expect to release this week. But here we are. After months of rumors about what the next Call of Duty title will be, it seems that we finally got confirmation, albeit not from the developers themselves. No, this all-in-one Doritos game everywhere. As part of the cross-promotion, a package was found, apparently confirming that the next game will actually be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Doritos data pack confirms the Cold War

As for me, we will never have too many wizards. Also, after the creation of "The Witcher" himself, Henry Cavill (Henry Cavill), which caused a storm on social networks, this week we learned that another series will be released in the world of "Witcher". This time, we will go back to the beginning of everything to understand how the first wizard was created. I hope it's as good as the rendition of "The Witcher" itself and that it helps provide us with more background on one of our favorite game series.

Netflix announced "The Witcher: Bloodborne" spin-off LiveAction

Following in the footsteps of most other major gaming events, CES officially announced this week that its January 2021 event will be fully digitized. This is not surprising, but this is the first time this measure has been taken in 2021, showing that due to the COVID19 pandemic, the industry will continue to be very different next year.

CES announced the switch to the AllDigital format in 2021. Show

Grounded launched for PC and Xbox One this week, and became a Steam bestseller within hours. The game follows a group of children shrinking to the size of an insect as they venture into dangerous landscapes. Of course, if you want to use this latest version, make sure your PC can meet our full system requirements.

Grounding System Requirements

This week we also received some updated slides from AMD, detailing the products that will be released in the near future. Thanks to these slides, we confirm that they will switch most of their CPU and GPU products to 5nm by 2022. We also got more information from the slides, you can check out our full text below for a review. Updated

AMD roadmap slides confirming Zen 4 5nm CPU and RDNA 3

GPU for 2022. There has been a lot of news about Microsoft Flight Simulator recently, and this week is no exception. Finally we confirm that the next Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be released on Steam and Xbox Game Pass; this is great news for those of us who like game library giants.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been confirmed for Steam version

Soon we will have the full version of the next Marvel Avengers game. Although the game has left fans divided on whether it is worth the wait, information about the upcoming beta version has begun to give us a better understanding of what might happen. We conducted in-depth research and brought you everything you need to know.

Marvel Avengers Beta Deep Dive

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