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This summers hottest game releases

We may have been immersed in the hellish heat wave in the UK, but this has not slowed us down! As always, we are here to bring you the biggest news from the gaming industry this week.

When PS4 exclusive games finally land on PC, we are always very excited, especially when the PC version is full of loopholes in the market. Sadly, this is what happened to the PC port at the recent Horizon Zero Dawn. Frequent crashes, frozen cutscenes and many other visual glitches undoubtedly mean that the game has a bad start. Let us hope that they will be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise we will not be able to see it achieve the same success on the PC as it did on the PS4.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC port has many glitches

This week we got more information on the upcoming Nvidia RTX 3000 series GPUs. We are still using the rumored specs, but it looks like the flagship model will be the 3080Ti. We have broken everything down for you in a recent news article so you can understand all the details.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Amp Series Graphics Cards - Release Date and Where to Buy

Like many great games, Forza Horizon 3 is about to be phased out, which means you will no longer be able to buy it. Before the September 28 deadline, you still have time to scan and grab it, so if you don't want to miss it, hurry up. But the good news is that if you catch it early, you can use Microsoft's Play Anywhere program to play it on PC and Xbox.

Forza Horizon 3 and all DLCs will be removed on September 28.

In our regular feature update weekly, we have received news that two highly anticipated games are experiencing delays. This week it’s the turn of Vampires: Fancy Dress Party-Lineage 2 and Halo Unlimited. Both of these games have been postponed to 2021, which means we will have to wait a while before we can get them. We discuss below why they were delayed.

Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2 postponed to 2021

Halo Infinite postponed to 2021

Epic Game Store launched Total War Saga: Troy to us this week to provide low prices for free in their store. And there are no hidden costs or strange traps. As long as you have an Epic Game Store account, the game can belong to you. What are you waiting for? To realize it (dream); to get it (something.

Total War Legend: Troy releases

for free on the Epic game store. With the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X releases getting closer and closer, many gamers are happy to learn about it. Most games must provide a free update plan. Console Unfortunately, this is not the case for many controlling players. It was revealed this week that they will release a "Ultimate Edition", which will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Users of this new version of the console will be able to get a digital update of the next-generation console, but those who have already purchased the standard version that they will not buy. It's not cool, guys.

Control Ultimate Edition is released, can land on Steam

Intel officially announced this week that it will launch its first discrete GPU in 2021, targeting the gaming market. XeHPG is optimized for gaming and will be able to handle ray tracing for next-gen gaming. It will be interesting to see how it will compete with Nvidia's next Ampere. Find out everything you need to know in our full article.

Intel plans to release the

GPU for XeHPG gaming in 2021

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