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Thermaltake expo day 1 2

On the 3rd day of Thermaltake 2020 Expo, there are some more exciting project demonstrations, which will definitely attract many gamers and PC enthusiasts. No fuss, let's go straight to what the Thermaltake team announced today.

For anyone looking for a way to keep the CPU stylish and cool, Thermaltake's new Pacific Reservoir & Pump Combo may be the answer you are looking for. It is equipped with 12 high-lumen LED lights, which will surely make you stand out among PCs, and its 300ml capacity water tank will be able to cool your CPU through the compatible CPU water block released with this deposit.

Two water cooling blocks (Pacific W7 and Pacific MX1) can cool common media from Intel and AMD, of course, each is equipped with RGB function. Both also have a built-in temperature sensor to help users better track the CPU temperature during gameplay, and also transmit this temperature to the RGB plus software, so gamers only need to see the CPU in-game to check. the temperature, very convenient.

More heat dissipation news from Thermaltake, this time it's a brand new all-in-one water cooler, ARGB TH120 / 240/360 AIO.

PC gamers and enthusiasts may be interested to know that this AIO radiator not only has "excellent heat dissipation" function, but there is also a hidden pump in the ARGB block to keep the AIO copper plate always cool. . Additionally, Thermaltake considers this AIO cooler as an affordable option in their product line, so if you have a big hit to cost, this may be the right AIO solution for you.

And, because it is all the rage in PC gaming, this AIO cooler will of course be equipped with RGB. RGB will be able to sync with 5V motherboards from ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock, and all can be controlled by a connected smart fan controller. If you plan to make a PC within your budget and are looking for a cheap AIO, this is definitely an option worth paying attention to.

More heat dissipation news, this time in the form of a Toughfan 12 high static pressure fan. This is a PWM controlled fan with a maximum operating speed of 2000 RPM, optimized for high static pressure, while still running at a level very quiet noise. Very standard stuff, but if you think you may need a good quiet running fan this might be a good option.

Do you think you will need the RGB in this fan? Don't worry, Thermaltake gives you protection. The Pure Duo 12/14 ARGB radiator fan is another PWM controlled fan with two independent rings, each ring has nine addressable RGB lights; It can sync with ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock 5V motherboards.

These are the highlights of the 3rd day of the Thermaltake Expo 2020 - but you can see everything that has happened so far in their YouTube videos, here you can find videos of the event - if you see something that excites you, tell us!

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